Posted by: bosteen | October 18, 2007

A couple questions

I recently had a request for a pair of worn panties.  I got to thinking about this subject.  I never really understood why guys want used panties.  What do they do with them?  Are they trophies of a conquest? or are they masturbation type material?  I haven’t made up my mind on whether or not to do this.  I have some expensive panties.  I guess i am fascinated by this.  In Japan, they supposedly have vending machines of used panties.  I never noticed them when I lived there but I was also younger.  If I decide to do this, how much would I charge?  Should I charge just for replacing the panties?  How long should I wear them?  Should I masturbate in them?  There are way too many questions.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I’ve never quite worked this one out either. If you were in them I might understand, but I just can’t see what ‘he’ would do with them.

    The differences are what keeps us all interesting I suppose.

  2. Speaking of expensive panties…

    Ho do you dress when you want to be especially sexy – on top and underneath? Are you a high heel girl or more the sporty type? Do you like fancy outfits underneath? Corsets, stockings, leather or do you prefer the boxers….? Do you like sexy dresses or do you prefer your jean skirt….?

    Since the packaging is as important (in terms of attraction) as the underneath it would be a hot teaser to learn more about that department of yours.


  3. Many years ago my room mate was banging this really hot girl on a regular basis. One Sunday morning I found a pair of her panties under a cushion in the livingroom. Curiosity got the best of me (also the fact that I hadn’t been laid in a very long time)so I have gave them a quick whiff. WOW! I immediately went to my room and spent the rest of the morning and many times after pleasing myself while sniffing her panties. Eventually the aroma faded. I tried to get a replacement pair but they smelled mostly like shit…oh well. Anyway if you decide to start marketing your used, well scented panties i.e. workout then masturbate I would certainly be interested in purchasing a pair from you…


  4. Yeah, I don’t get the dirty panties thing either…

  5. I don’t get the whole used panties thing. But if guys are rally interested, I think that they should send them to you so that you can wear them awhile and then you send them back when you are finished.

  6. the vending machine panties in Japan are a thing of the past I am pretty sure. I was there and did visit a used panty shop and it was a surprising turn off… Japan is a pretty crazy sexy place though. If you have the chance, go back and visit!

  7. I never understood the panties thing until I picked up a pair to figure out why people had an attraction to them. I feel terrible saying this, but from that point on I have gone out of my way to find them and lick them.

    I think it goes without saying that if there is any “sex” in the panties, the smell and taste is so nice. If there is any cum, fresh or old, the aroma blows me away. I know it is really odd and sketchy behavior, but when the reward is what it is, I have no problem doing it.

    My college girlfriend’s roommate had a rule where she always wanted to sleep in her own bed at night. She would go out, do her thing, but always come home at the end of the night, no matter what.

    Her panties were actually the first ones that I ever smelled and licked. She had come home from her boyfriend’s place and changed. I walked into the room a few minutes later to get something else and I immediately smelled the cum.

    At that point, I had to confirm the smell and sure enough there was a puddle of thick and chunky cum sitting in her panties. I licked it up and it was some of the most bitter cum I have ever tasted, but it was still a nice surprise. I can only assume that he hadn’t busted a nut in a few days because of the texture and color.

    After that moment, when she would come home at night, I would always go into the room to see if she had changed or had sex recently. Unfortunately, the cum was never as fresh as that first time, but usually there was something white in the crotch area. Sometimes it was only her discharge, other times it was crusty dried cum.

    I feel creep even retelling this story, but I figure it relates to the initial question.

    If you end up selling any, I would love to get a few pair of cream pie panties.

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