Posted by: bosteen | October 17, 2007

A little explaining

In my frustration, I didn’t really explain anything yesterday.  I have seen the Calc Professor since the end of last semester and he ignored me.  At the end of last semester, there was a chance when grades were handed in to the registrar and showed no interests.  I was frustrated.  Why did he pick then to begin to flirt with me after all that time.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Well, that wasn’t the question I was pondering today.

    See, I’m wondering why you had more comments on “Beyond Stupid” than on “Sunday Football” (which was nicely written btw).

  2. When you were his student, you were “safe” because he knew he wasn’t going to cross the line. Once something could really happen, he chickened out until the little head started thinking for the big head. It’s his loss not yours.

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