Posted by: bosteen | October 16, 2007

Beyond Stupid

Why are some men beyond stupid?  I wrote the other day about the guy I met shopping.  We were flirting and hitting it off.  He asks me for my number; I give it to him on Thursday, still no call.  Then, I had class early this morning.  I got to school early so I was sitting somewhere drinking some coffee and eating.  My former calculus professor sits down next to me.  I was thinking he just sat down somewhere not really paying attention to who else is there.  I couldn’t of been more wrong.  The dumb ass starts to flirt with me.  In my head, I am misreading the entire situation, he can’t be flirting with me after the chances I gave him at the end of last semester.  He pretty much shot me down.  He had no interest whatsoever.  I go back to my conversation, he is still flirting with me.  I am fuming at this point.  What the fuck is wrong with him?  I gave him  a chance and he denies me.  I lied telling him I had to go.  What the fuck is wrong with you tards?

Slut X


  1. What have you got to lose my giving your old Prof a go? Or do you not look back?

  2. I think that they are more chicken/self-conscious than stupid. It may not seem that way to you; but women can be intimidating; especially ones who are very self assured.

  3. We have two brains and they are not connected. Neither are very good at dealing with women either.

  4. There’s a simple reason why the professor is behaving that way. He originally said no because you were his student; he then spent all summer thinking about how hot it would be and now he wants you more than ever.

  5. Don’t be so arrogant! Not every guy is going to jump on you right away just because you might look hot and you are willing to f**** right away. So come back to earth from being the center of the sex universe and humbl yourself. I am sure a lot more guys will like you and F**** with you (if that’s your focus) with a more humble attitude.

    The morale office


    I wasn’t asking to get fucked, I was asking for them to show a little interest.

  6. I’m sorry, but I think your the one that’s stupid. From what I remember he turned you down because you were still his student and if he were to fuck you then he would be compromising some serious ethical issues and put himself in a very compromised situation.

    Now that your are no longer directly his student, the situation is not quite so dire and he obviously feels himself to be in a more freeing situation.

    Or is the fact that he was your professor the only reason you went after him, and now that you aren’t in a class with him right now make him even less appealing? In that case your the one with the inconsistent attititude.

    He had a chance at the end of the semester to express interest. All the tests were done, grades were handed in to the registrar. He chose not to go for it at the time. Obviously I am no longer his student now, but he saw me a couple times before that point, why not do it then. Maybe I am making more out of it than there really is. I got frustrated.

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