Posted by: bosteen | October 13, 2007

You should see me in my …

The colder weather has inspired me to find some new things on Thursday. Mostly I wanted to find some new sheets for my bed. During the winter, I like the flannel like ones. It helps keep me warm so I can wear very little to bed. I decided to look a bit for a Halloween costume while I was the store. I haven’t decided yet what to wear. I went to the big area dedicated to Halloween to look for ideas. It wasn’t very helpful but I did a very good looking guy.

He was looking at the candy. I decided I would be funny and forward when I went up to him. I said, “The candy will make you fat or you will have to find a way to work off those calories.” He laughed a little with this and said hello to me. We stood there and talked for a bit. The flirting back and forth was a lot of fun. He asked me what I was going to be for Halloween. I told him I wasn’t sure what he was wearing. He told me a cowboy, we all know how I feel about this topic. To continue the flirting a little more, I told him that cowboys can be very sexy. He smiled then asked me if I needed someone to give their opinion while I tried out some costumes. I politely declined by saying, “No thanks, but you should see me in my cowboy boots and hat.” He got a bigger smile. I got his number before I left. I will be calling him. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I always love the Fall. Cooler weather. Walking thru the trees with the leaves falling.

    Long skirts, stockings and no panties.

    More clothing to pull off when you fuck. Like unwrapping a present, lol.


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