Posted by: bosteen | October 13, 2007

The Flood Gates Open

It was another long tough day at work. The best thing about the long days at work is the lunch break. On my way to get food, I stopped by a bookstore to get a magazine to read while I ate. I was at the magazine section when my phone rings. Teacher X says hello when I pick it up. He asks me where I am so I tell him I am on lunch and stopped at a bookstore to get something to read while I eat. He asks me how my day is going. I am telling him about my day when I feel someone rub up against me then cup my ass with their hand. I turn around and there is Teacher X in the bookstore. He tells me in a low voice that I felt good. I reply, “There is so much more to feel.”

“Is that an offer?”, he questioned me. I nodded my head yes. He took my hand and took me to the back of the store. I was wondering where the hell we were going then I saw the little rest room area of the store. I knew exactly where he was taking me. We went into the men’s room in the stall furthest back. I was grabbing at his cock as we went in the stall. He shut the door and pulled the lock over. He turned to me and pushed me, chest first, up against the wall. He was kissing and nibbling at my neck and I could feel his hands at the bottom of my skirt. He lifted my skirt to my hips. My legs were spread and no my bare pussy exposed. It was wet already and the air hitting it gave me a slight chill. The sound of his zipper going down was the last thing I heard before I felt his cock penetrate me.

He let out a little groan as he went deep inside me. My juices covered his cock as he gave me a couple pumps to warm up. My breath began to deepen as his cock picked up speed. His cock felt amazing inside my aching pussy. It was aching for some cock for a week now. I was getting more vocal as he fucked me.  We heard the door open to the bathroom.  He put his hand over my mouth to muffle my noises and he kept on fucking me.  It was over the sound of my muffled moans and some guy pissing in a urinal that an orgasm ripped through my body.  My head was spinning a bit from this.  He wasn’t finished yet so the pounding of my pussy continued.

The guy finished his business and left the rest room.  Teacher X’s hand left my mouth.  He said in my ear, “that felt good you dirty slut, didn’t it?”  I moaned out a yes.   His cock felt amazing inside me.  I knew in my head that this is why I waited a bit before having sex again.  All I could feel was his cock wrapped around my lips pumping in and out of me .  I was totally absorbed in the feeling of him inside of me.  His fucking became a little harder and faster, I knew he was about to shoot his load.  When he did cum, I had trouble breathing for a moment.  The feeling of his load cumming inside me was all I could think about.  He pulled his cock out.  I turned around to look at him.  My hand went between my legs and got a bit of his cum.  I put in my mouth to taste him.  He pulled down my skirt and put his cock away.  We readied ourselves to go back outside.  I have him a kiss before we left, the taste of his cum still on my tongue.

I went for my lunch after getting a magazine and my amazing fuck in the rest room.  The rest of the day at work, I could feel him leak out of me as I worked.  A couple times, I went to the store room and cleaned it with my fingers only to stick them in my mouth and taste him on my tongue.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. You and Miss Wolfe, both posting about sex in the bathroom. Hmmm. Birds of a feather? LOL!

    I haven’t read her blog in a while. I had no idea she wrote about a bathroom. It was a choice though because there was more sex than that on Saturday.

  2. What an awesome post! I’ve had fantasies about that before and even written a story about it. Very, very hot! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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