Posted by: bosteen | October 10, 2007

I love…

I love when a guy first notices me.  His eyes going over my body and hopefully his heart rate increases a little.  Mostly, I love the feeling of his eyes on me.  I had an instance of this today.  I was walking to work and this guy walks out of the store.  He sees me in my skirt and probably too tight shirt.  He looks me over.  This makes me feel good.  I am not clueless, I know when a guy is checking me out.  I chose this point to accidentally drop something so he could look at the ass.  I picked up the item, turned my head and then winked at him.  Some women would say I was being objectified, I don’t care what they say.  It makes me feel sexy.  He saw the store I walked in for work.  I wonder if he will walk into the store some day and look me over again.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I have to say that I absolutely love it too. Sometimes when I’m walking to work there will be a bunch of guys standing around in a group and I can hear whispers of “check that out…”. It makes me work it that much harder.

  2. And those are just the ones that you SEE looking at you . . . imagine how many more mentally kiss your neck, caress your curves, or lift your skirt from behind without you seeing them do it . . .

    Question — do women do that to men they see, nearly as often, or is it mostly a male phenomenon? We’re supposed to be the ones who respond more to the visual cues.


  3. What do you do when you catch a guy that you don’t like th looks of checking you out? When I’m people-watching it seems like its the plainest guys who have the biggest eyes.

  4. and you want to say you dont care how that man look like? or you care only for man you care?

  5. I read some where that women have better peripheral vision so can look at men through the corner of their eye easier, and without getting caught….but it’s far too early in the morning for comments like that. I just wanted to say I’m jealous of you, in a nice way! For some reason us short fat bald men don’t get noticed so much!! Lol!

  6. I do that exact same thing! hahaha I love it! I thought it was just me. Oh and another good one…I go to a little coffee shop near where I work and if I’m wearing a skirt with heels, which I usually am, and I catch a guy looking at me, I combine a hair toss with running my hand lightly up and down my leg like my leg is itching but never making eye contact with him. Just up my calf not really up my thigh unless his really good looking then I may show a little thigh just for fun. I saw one guy looking at my leg with his mouth open with I did it. It made me feel so good I almost went over and hugged him. I was having the worst day! Thanks guys!!

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