Posted by: bosteen | October 8, 2007

Ride me cowboy

Oh damn, I always get that wrong, its ride’em cowboy.  I was watching television this weekend and there was a rodeo showing.  What is it about the rodeo guys that are so fucking hot?  The rodeo has also inspired my current header photo.  It is me riding a mechanical bull.  Back to my subject, there is just something about a cowboy that makes me want to run to the barn for a quickie or roll in the hay.  I don’t think I will run into any cowboys in Boston though.  I could definitely find a rodeo and see if a participant would want to ride something other than a bull.  I need to get one of those rugged cowboy types right now.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Let’s just pretend I lived in America and not the UK for a moment, and that I was a cowboy and not a… well, that would be telling. And let’s just pretend I happened to have a farm with a barn and some hay…

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn! 😀

  2. Cowboys, maybe not, but there are other things in Boston that could probably make up for the lack of cowboys, and still let you say ride em.

  3. Maybe it’s the boots- or perhaps the tight jeans. I fucking love me some cowboys!!!

  4. I like the previous photo better but it’s your blog. Not to mention that all the Cowgirls are hot especially in Alberta!

  5. I love the new Pic

  6. come on out to Oklahoma, where the real cowboys are

  7. Plenty of cowboys in AB, it is times like this I wish I was one…for a day!

  8. I’ve been away, but fret not, I’m back! 🙂 Lol….love the new banner, as always….oh to be a mechanical bull…

  9. Pure bred Colorado cowboy living here in Boston.

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