Posted by: bosteen | October 6, 2007


I had to do the money thing today which means I worked most of the day. I don’t mind working the mornings because they are pretty boring, not too much business.  I go to lunch then at my usual place.   The guy from the one post is working.  He is looking me over probably thinking of another go in the bathroom.  While I am eating, there is a table with some guys sitting close to me.  The one is talking about how he needs to move so he needs to find a new place.  I swear listening to him talk about checking out new places made me wet.  It was hard not to go over and introduce myself to him.  I wanted to tell him I would go look with him.  A god of a man walked in the store after lunch.  I raced to beat the person working with me to see if he needed any help.  I won, she was slow.  My panties were so wet, I really needed to get off.

I got off work and needed to get my mind off of having an orgasm.  I went to the gym.  This was a huge mistake.  It made me hornier because there is this gorgeous man that works out there.  He was there when I got there.   My will power broke down in the shower at home.  I masturbated twice in there (before I washed up and after).  I am weak.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I’m afraid I succombed tlast night as well. I’m sitting here reading your blog looking at your tanned thighs in your header pic trying SO HARD not to be bad and give in to temptation.

    DAMN YOU. (Well, got to blame someone…!)

  2. I know the feeling!

    Just to let you know that I am enjoying your blog and I often stop 🙂

  3. we forgive you 😉

  4. Another new photo!

    You would SO get it.

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