Posted by: bosteen | September 28, 2007

Odds and Ends

I don’t know what I should do for Halloween.  Let’s face it, it is the only holiday where women can dress as slutty as they want and not be judged.  In my opinion, it is wrong that women feel the need to hold back the way they dress because of judgement of others.  It isn’t the men, I think they would love it.  It is the women, we can be nasty bitches.

I had a really good sex dream last night.  It was so good that I woke up soaking wet.  I was basically there with a bunch of guys that were rubbing and touching me all at once.  It was so fucking hot.  There is something to be said about laying there and having a bunch of hands all over you.  I can see where you men love the idea of a bunch of women.

Thanks for the suggestion for the apartment/house thing.  I knew you would have some fun takes on the situation.  I never really thought about the realtor part.  it has some possibilities.  Jim, my favorite comment was the part “Hmmm, it had a good feel, but I think we’ll keep looking . . . thanks.”  I got a real good laugh out of it.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Do we get to find out what you did when you woke up soaking wet?

  2. Costume ideas…

    I always vote for the fetish-gear, latex clad mistress look.

    Knocks ’em dead everytime.

  3. I say you do a hallowen photo shoot for us

  4. I don’t understand why women are often so critical of other women. Life is too short to never have any fun. We always make sure we go places for Halloween that we can dress however we want. It’s a lot more fun when you don’t have to be concerned about appearances. Please let us know what you decide to go as.

  5. A Pirate costume is always good… You can use phrases like “Shiver me timbers…” “Blow me down…” “booty…” and when you find someone you really like you can say “aarrhhg!!” and drag them off to have your way with them! The eye patch can fuck with your depth perception but that can lead to some interesting encounters too.

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