Posted by: bosteen | September 27, 2007

Something to try

There is something I want to try.  I was talking to a prospective new guy the other day.  We were sharing public sex places or ideas.  He told me this story about when he was dating this girl and he was looking for a new place to live.  They got some time to walk around a condo without a Realtor and fucked there.

For some reason, I found this really hot.  It is something I have never done but it is totally me.  It got me to thinking what I need to pull this off.  Obviously, I am in no position to buy a house, condo or whatever so the guy would have to be someone that has the ability.  I am not saying he has to be out looking for a place but he has to look like he can.  I was thinking like an open house or something.  We would find a room and fool around in it.  The key would be not getting caught by the salesperson, I don’t need an arrest record.  I really need to find a way to do this.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. better yet … find a good looking realtor and fuck him

    You must be a realtor.

  2. I look like I could buy a house – in fact I have – several… wanna give it a go?

  3. I think it’s possible with apartments. I’ve frequently gone to look at an apartment and just been handed a key by the busy person in the office, with the instructions to just return it after I’ve had a look around.

    Something up on the top floor . . . lots of polished hardwood and big windows . . . your hands pressed against the glass . . . I can totally see it.

    “Hmmm, it had a good feel, but I think we’ll keep looking . . . thanks.” Lol.


  4. My wife did real estate for a while and I visited her at an open house that was slow once, and we did it upstairs looking out the windows. It was completely hot, she had a huge orgasm. Highly recommended. Unfortunately the market has gone down, and she got out of it…

    There is a good way to keep the marriage exciting. I love it.

  5. You might try the model home of a new development. Around here, they often just leave the model unlocked and put a note on the door saying what time they will be back when they’ve gone to show a lot or another model to a prospective customer. And, with the downturn in the market, there usually aren’t as many salespeople in the model as there used to be.

  6. A variation on the realtor theme might be to give a car salesman roadhead. Or better yet, ask him if he will help you give the backseat a test drive.

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