Posted by: bosteen | September 25, 2007

TMI 102

1. Who did you think you would marry in elementary school?  I really have no idea.
2. Which muppet is your favorite? Why?  I am really not that familiar with Muppets.  I would have to say Kermit because I remember him from Sesame Street.
3. Which politician would you most like to screw? [For pleasure or revenge]  Oddly enough, Bill Clinton.  I want to see why all these women were sleeping with him.  He must be good at it.
4. How did you first find the g-spot?  I looked it up online and found it playing with myself one day after school.
5. What is the best costume you’ve ever worn?  Again, I have no idea.  I liked all the costumes I wore in the past.  You have seen one or two of my costumes from the header picture.  The best reception I got from other people was the Hooter’s girl costume so I think that would be the best.

Bonus (as in optional):Does pornography liberate or deteriorate society?  There are good and bad aspects to everything in life.  Sure pornography is one of the less acceptable things to do but that doesn’t make it any worse than being a politician.  At least people in pornography are upfront about screwing people over some cash.  Bad things happened before porn and they happen after porn was made.  I don’t think it really makes a difference.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I have a friend who has met and spoken to Clinton. She says he projects so much confidence and charisma that when your next to him, you just want to bang him.

  2. My wife told me that the allure to Clinton has nothing to do with him being sexy or a perceived sexual dynamo but rather with wanting to be with someone who has power….

  3. Bill Clinton has been very popular.

    Happy belated TMI

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