Posted by: bosteen | September 22, 2007

Bad Start

I hope you all are having a good weekend.  Last night, I went out dancing and stayed out way too long.  I got home and went to bed only to wake up late.  I had to hurry around to make it to work on time.  The beginning of my day was bad so I thought work was going to be a bitch.  I was partly right.  The person I was supposed to work with in the morning showed up two hour late.  The morning isn’t usually busy customer wise but still it sucked.  The day did get better after lunch.  The sandwich guy was working so I flirted with him a bit.  I was tempted for some more bathroom action but resisted.  After lunch, it was hot guy time at the store.  There were three hot guys that showed up looking for stuff for their ladies.  I got to help two of the three.  I got the number of one of them so I was happy.  Teacher X is coming over later so I need to get ready.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I do love these rotating pictures–and your ass in this one 😉

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