Posted by: bosteen | September 21, 2007


I was feeling adventurous Wednesday.  I had both work and school today. Luckily, work didnt’ start for a couple hours after school so I had some time today to relax between. I was sitting in a common area again. I was reading my book and Dan walks up to me. He asks me how I’m doing and when my next class is. I tell him fine and what did he have in mind. I packed my books in my bag and he led me by the hand somewhere. I wasn’t sure where we were going but I followed.

We arrived to a class room.  I asked why here and he said his next class was in this room.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue but he said his class wasn’t for another half hour.  Again, he grabbed my hand an pulled me to the front of the room.  We were in front of the podium at the front of the room.   All of a sudden he took a hold of my hips and pulled me close to him.  I was facing the podium, he was behind me.  My ass pressed against his growing cock.  He was kissing and biting my neck and shoulder.  His hands started at my breasts and ran down to my my pants.

He first unbuttoned my jeans and his hand went down my panties.   He started to rub my already wet lips.  All I knew was I needed him inside me.  I pulled down my jeans a bit and placed my hands on the podium.  My ass was out with my back arched a little.  He pulled my panties to the side and stuck his cock in me.  I let out a groan with his penetration.  I was looking toward the door while he fucked my hole.  Part of me was hoping for someone to walk through the door and catch us.  He kept pumping his cock in me, my eyes still locked on the door.  I was moaning and biting down on my bottom lip.  He told me he was going to cum.  I went to go get on my knees before he shot his load, I wanted it in my mouth.  However, he was a bit over excited and his load went on one of the shelves in the podium.  I licked his cock anyhow to get a taste of anything left over.  We both got our clothes back on and went to the door.  We were about five feet from the door when someone walked in the room.  I missed out on someone watching him cum for me by a couple minutes.  It was a good fuck but still a little disappointed that no one caught us.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. That was a hot story. Public sex gets me so horny and Ken has already left for work today.

  2. You really never know of anyone was watching or not. I remember a roommate and his girlfriend being caught in a small department level library when they thought there was no one around by a couple of grad students one of whom had a key. They didn’t realize that someone had opened the door and stepped in for a bit until later. As I recall, one watched for a bit and the other left immediately. Watches are a lot more fun. When people leave, you never know of they are going to get security.

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