Posted by: bosteen | September 17, 2007


This is cliche but I am beginning to hate Mondays. I am basically in class all day. This is my idea of torture. I don’t work on Monday’s now but I come home and do homework. I truly dislike school. However, it is one of those necessary evils in the world today. The sad thing is it doesn’t really mean anything anymore, everyone and their brother has a degree. That is enough of my frustration at school. I don’t have any attractive teachers so you don’t need to ask.

In amazing news, Big Bad Wolfe was taken down to number 2 for a day on the top referral list.  Wolfe usually crushes the other people when sending people to my blog.  It is sort of a miracle.  Thank you to all who said they like the new title and tag line. It was poor planning to call it “Adventure of a Teen Slut” when I started the blog. The new picture is from a Halloween costume. It was a french maid. I still have the costume and if your the right person, I might clean your house. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. bedouin soundclash is coming to boston and if you have the chance you should definitely get out to see them. i am not sure what kind of music you are into but they will have you moving regardless of your preference.
    PS – your blog is fantastic!!!

    Thanks for the complement. I will have to delete the details for some of your comment. I just don’t allow advertising on the blog. Call me a bitch or narcissus, but no advertising.

  2. Not everyone has a degree. And it does still matter. I remember a time not to long ago where the company I was working for had to make some personnel decisions, and surprise, surprise, the people with without degrees came up on the short end of the stick. If you have the financial resources, it does say something about your sticktuitiveness.

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