Posted by: bosteen | September 16, 2007

Three’s a crowd?

I figured I should write this before I go to bed tonight. I have tomorrow and you all need something to read. (This was started Friday but I fell asleep writing it.) I went out tonight with the same premise of the other day, giving my vag a break. The party was being held by Dan. I was thinking I could maybe give Dan a little something because I couldn’t do anything the other day. I chose to wear a skirt and low cut shirt to the party, figured it would be slutty enough.

There were quite a few people at the party. I didn’t mind that though because I only really had two objectives, to drink and get Dan off. First, I had to find my way to the drinks. They were in the kitchen so I wove my way between people to the kitchen. The walk into the kitchen was interesting because I was groped by some people. I didn’t mind, it really excited me to be truthful. I saw Dan in the kitchen so I got up behind him without him seeing. I reached my hand around and grabbed his cock followed by a hello in his ear. He poured me a drink. We talked in the kitchen by the drinks. This was probably a bad decision because I drank more than I should.

Dan and I stayed in the kitchen, we talked and flirted for most of the party. People would come in to get their drinks and there we would be. At one point, he commented on my skirt, he wondered what I had on under the skirt. I looked at him with a devilish smile and told him there was only one way to find out. He took me up on my playful offer. His hand brushed over my ass, between my legs and up the back of my skirt. His fingers went up to touch my uncovered lips. I was already kind of wet but he made me wetter. I got a little carried away and grabbed his cock. At this same time, some guy walks up to get a drink and there we are playing with each other. I look up at him giving him a wink. He stood there for a bit, there was a bulge growing in his pants. I purposely rubbed Dan’s cock through his pants while looking the guy in the eyes. Dan said “we need to go to my room.”

He led me into his room where I told him I didn’t want to fuck but I would give him some head. He was disappointed but he was getting off either way so why should he care. I got down on my knees in front of him. He pulled out his hard member as I got on my knees. I had just started to take him in my mouth when the door opened. I turned to see it was two guys, one was the guy in the kitchen, they said some lame excuse but I knew they were hoping to see some fucking. He didn’t seem too upset, we have done group things before, so I told them to come over. Again, didn’t say anything. The other two stood on either side of Dan with their cocks out. They were jerking them so I went over and stuck them in my mouth to get them wet. I went back to Dan. I was sucking Dan and stroking both their cocks. Dan began to basically fuck my mouth. I think the addition of the other two drove Dan over the horny cliff because he quickly shot a big load in my mouth. It hit me in the back of the throat and made me gag for a moment. I recovered and swallowed the load. I went next to the guy that was watching Dan and I in the kitchen. I took him deep in my mouth. I was stroking his friend and bobbing down on this guys cock. Meanwhile another guy walked in the room and saw what I was was doing. He walked up and pulled out his cock.

Here I am in Dan’s bedroom, just sucked Dan off with another cock in my mouth and two more guys jerking their cock in my face. The guy I was sucking had some major staying power because his friend and the new guy had an orgasm first. The first load hit my cheek and part of my mouth and nose. I could taste his come as I sucked his friend. The second guy jerking his cock had a HUGE load. It had to be a while for him because it was all over my face. Some of it even got in my nose. I could feel the warm cum run down my face and it turned me on even more. I was basically deep throating the kitchen guy now. He finally blows his load in my mouth a couple minutes after the last guy. I swallowed his load. I licked his cock clean and stood up. I wanted to taste the other cum so I wiped some of it up with my fingers and put them in my mouth. The two loads mixed together tasted like heaven. I cleaned up the rest of my face and went back out to the party. There were some guys looking and groping me but I didn’t care. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Three is never a crowd if you like giving a show. Just don’t get too drunk an do something (someone) that you regret. Some people don’t know how to keep their mouth shut. BTW, what is your drink of choice?
    I like all kinds of drinks. I will drink beer, shots, and mixed drinks. I have done my share of tequilla shots. If I had to chose a mixed drink rum and coke or cranberry and vodka.

  2. LOVE IT! – You had your game face and you planned it nicely! 😉

  3. That was so freaking hot.

    Thanks for the TfT pic. Hope you send more.

  4. Awesome post! Can I ask….what’s your record for most blowjobs in one day?

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