Posted by: bosteen | September 14, 2007

Can I get that to go?

I admit my sexual appetite got out of control, like a cop at a krispy kreme, a couple weeks ago.  I have been giving my vag a break since then.  I think it was the big explosion before the expected lull of starting school and working out the schedule.  Luckily today, I didn’t have any classes but I did work all day.  I wasn’t horny, like wanting sex, at work but I really wanted to taste some cum.  The problem was that all the usual suspects were at work or busy with something else.

I went to lunch, to the same place I had some bathroom sex with Teacher X.  The guy that caught me the other day was working.  I purposely went to his register.  He had a big smile when I got there.  I asked him how his day was going.  He said good.  The smart mouth in me started when I replied “not as good as the weekend?”  He laughed a little and I went on my way.  I ate at a table.  He was cleaning a table nearby and he kept looking my way.  Again I had to say something, “See something you like?”  He blushed at this and continued to work.  I was now staring a bit.  It looked like he worked out a bit.  He had a nice ass on him.  The hormones were growing, I had to try to keep them in check a little.  It wasn’t like I could mount him there on the table with all the other people in the place.  It would be fucking great but I didn’t feel like getting arrested.  When I got up to leave, I slipped him a piece of paper with my number on it.

I returned to work feeling satisfied at my flirting.  I didn’t expect him to call me but it was fun.  It was a little over an hour later when I felt my cell vibrate.  I couldn’t figure out who it was calling me.  The store wasn’t busy so I step back by the dressing rooms quick to answer it.  It was the lunch place guy (not a good name but it will do for now).   I could tell he was a little nervous but I loved it.  He thanked me for the number and we talked a couple minutes.  I got the urge for something to drink.  I lied to him and told him I had to go.  I asked the other person working with me if they wanted a drink from the store (we do this for each other and it gets us out of the store for a couple minutes) so I took her order and went to the lunch place.

When I walked in the place five minutes after hanging up on him, he looked stunned.  He was cleaning tables again.  He saw me walk in the store so I made a little gesture and walked back to the bathroom.  He followed but he was a reluctant.  He came up to me and I asked him if he wanted to get off.  He looked stunned.  I continued, “I have had this hunger for cum today” and put my hand on his crotch.  He walked in the bathroom.  I followed him in the bathroom and into the stall.  Squatting down before him, I pulled out his cock  (was pleasantly surprised).  It was already hard so I licked it first just to tease then I shoved it in my mouth.  I was basically fucking him with my mouth, trying to take his cock deep in my mouth.  One hand was playing with his balls a little.  He shot his load after about three minutes, I didn’t mind because I was in a hurry.  The first spurt caught me by surprise but I loved the taste of his cum in my mouth.  I bobbed on his member a couple times to make sure I got all his cum.  I swallowed most of his load and left a little under my tongue so I could savor the taste a little longer.

He had a dazed, happy and confused look on his mouth (I think mostly because he couldn’t believe what happened).  I wiped my mouth and exited the bathroom.  I got my drinks and smiled at him on the way out.  I apologized to my coworker and told her there was a line there.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I’m sure that he’ll go to work everyday hoping you come in again for a while.

    Does your coworker know what you do on your breaks or is he/she completely oblivious?

    I usually go to get the drink and go back. It was a first.

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