Posted by: bosteen | September 13, 2007


I had to go to work after school today.  There wasn’t anytime to go home to change for work so I wore my work clothes.  Unless it is really cold, I almost always wear a skirt to work.  One of my classes let out early so I sat in a common area for my next class.  It seems like I just sat down and I saw Dan.  He saw me and headed over to where I was sitting.  He asked what I was doing and the typical stuff.  We talked for about five minutes when he noticed what I wearing.  He complemented me and was ogling a little.  I made a smart ass comment to him to get his attention again.  I was trying to get his mind off the dirty thoughts he was thinking.  I wasn’t up for fucking because of work after my next class and I knew that’s where it would lead.  He kept becoming more and more complementary.   He finally asked me if I wanted to go somewhere.  I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t sure what to tell him.  I told him at first no.  He asked why and I told him that I wasn’t in the mood for sex.  It was a complete lie but just no way to clean up before work.  I will make it up to him later.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. P.S. I like the new banner picture.

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