Posted by: bosteen | September 11, 2007

New and Improved

You will notice a new title to the blog.  It wasn’t one of the things I listed but it is fitting for who I am.  It is a name I have called myself for a while.   I stated a couple times in the blog that I developed early and this got the attention of many of the guys.  They all love the tits.  My journey to becoming the neighborhood slut began with blow jobs to the guys and went to sex.  When we moved, I had a new neighborhood to get to know.  A lot of it was very bad and I will probably be going to hell when I die.  I do know from the guys in the neighborhood, I won’t be alone.  To shorten this from my pointless rambling, I hope you like the new name.  I think it is fitting to who I am.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I love the new name very fitting and very sexxy

  2. Nobody is going to hell… don’t worry… just go your way.. 😉

  3. Happy B-day!!

  4. I like the new name!

  5. I like the new name. And the tagline.

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