Posted by: bosteen | September 7, 2007

The Day After.

Thanks for your thoughts on my question.  I still think they are the same thing.  To be more specific, pulling a train is a gang bang but a gang bang isn’t necessarily a train.  It is like saying Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are Catholic.  I would also like to thank those that submitted ideas for the new title of the blog.  I have been thinking over my own options and I have it down to three.

  1. Sexy Lustful Untamed Tart
  2. Slutty Admissions
  3. Promiscuously Me

I want something descriptive, short and avoiding words like adventure, diary, or story.  I am still thinking of a title but the above are the top contenders.

I believe I left off with Saturday.  After my encounter with Teacher X, I went home and  slept.  I had to work on Sunday so I did my usual routine when I woke up (shower, masturbate in shower, get dressed, go to work).  Work was boring as usual, no one was really out buying their delicates on a holiday weekend.  It was about a half hour before I was off schedule when Teacher X walked in the store.  He asked how much time I had and told me he would wait at a coffee/sandwich place nearby after I told him.  I made sure before I left that I took off my panties and went to meet him.

We were both sexually charged when I entered the meeting place.  I sat down next to him and we made it look like we were talking but my hand was under the table rubbing his cock.  We both knew why he showed up at my work.  He slid his hand up my skirt briefly and found me without panties.  I gave him a smile and stood up.  “I think I need to use the bathroom.” I stated.  I started to walk back to the restroom and he got up from his seat to follow me.  Stopping at the door for a moment, he caught up to me and entered the men’s room.  He gave a cough to let me know there was no one else in there so I slipped in the door.

We went in the handicap stall, shut and locked the door.  He grabbed me and lifted me up by the hips.  My back was pressed up against the tiled wall.  My skirt was up around my waist, his cock out and my legs wrapped around him.  He thrust his cock deep in me showing no mercy.  It felt fantastic, I was so turned on by the situation of the activity.  He kept fucking my hole, ramming harder and harder in me.  Moans and grunts were escaping my mouth.  We were going at it like this for about five minutes when the door started to open.  He stopped immediately.  He held me up against the wall with his cock in me as the person used the urinal and washed their hands.  If he had his way, I would of just stayed there like that for the couple of minutes but I used this to my advantage and moved my hips.  His cock was making small movements in me.  It was driving him crazy by the look on his face.  As soon as the door shut, he picked up where he left off.  He fucked me until his balls emptied inside me.  I love the feeling of the first shot of cum inside me.  It is pure ecstasy.  The only thing that tops it is when cum hits the back of my throat of a blow job and starts to run down my throat.  He put me down and fixed his pants.  I pulled down my skirt without cleaning up.  He left the bathroom and gave another cough to let me know the coast was clear.

This was a quickie and we knew that so he left the place after his cough.  I exited and walked my way out to the door.  Before I left the place, I noticed that a couple guys behind the counter were smiling and looking at me.  I went up to the counter, still a bit flushed, and ordered a coffee.  The guy waiting on me couldn’t remove the big grin on his face.  I have determined that he is the one that had to use the restroom.  I thanked him for my drink and gave him a wink.  I walked out the door to go home.

On my way home, I got a call from Tom.  It had been a while since I heard from him.  He was pissed about something and wanted to come over.  I told him I was on my way home and I would meet him there.  He was pissed about his boyfriend for some reason I found out after two minutes.  I could tell he wanted to fuck, he had way too much angry energy he wanted to use.  I walked in my room under the guise of getting something and he followed me in the room.  He grabbed me and pushed me to the bed (I knew it would happen, guys are so easy to read).  He was pulling off my skirt so I had to admit to him that I just fucked Teacher X and his load was in me.  He surprised me with his next action.  He got down on his knees and ate my cummed filled pussy.  My mind was all over the place with this.  I was thinking about Teacher X, the guys at the shop knowing I was fucking in the bathroom and now Tom eating the cum out of me.  I had a huge orgasm, one of the best in a long time.

After my orgasm, Tom turned me over and fucked me mercilessly.  I loved it because I was seriously in the mood for good hard fucking.  The sound of our bodies hitting together and his balls hitting up against me was perfect.  I reached down with a hand and rubbed my clit which made my moans louder.  I was determined to cum again.  The second orgasm came quickly.  It wasn’t as good as the first but it still felt amazing.  On my second orgasm, I could feel myself really tighten up and this drove Tom to almost orgasm.  He had about five or six more thrust before he pulled out and jerked his load on my ass.  This was my Sunday.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Don’t you just love public bathroom sex! lol.

    For the new blog title, how about “Pretty and Promiscuous” or “Always Ready For Fun”?


  2. Except for a few adventures, I only seem to encounter gay men in the bathroom.

    BTW: I like “Always Ready For Fun” since you seem to be a lot of fun.

  3. how about “Diary of Slutty Admissions?” Those are good titles.

    Maybe you can have a list of rejected ones. I know mine was. 😦

    Its nothing personal. I never announced what i was looking for in a title. I was thinking outloud.

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