Posted by: bosteen | September 6, 2007

Help me

I need some clarification on something.  I was chatting to someone today and they asked me if i have done a train or a gangbang.  I have done them so you don’t need to ask me again.  I asked what the difference was in the two and wasn’t really satisfied with the answer.  I looked the terms up on Sex-Lexis and this is what i got.

pull a train:
Said of a woman who has sex with several males in a row.

gang bang:
Sexual activity in which several men take turns copulating a woman or, more rarely, a man .

These two things seem the same to me.  Can someone please tell me the difference?  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I always thought of it, like, if it’s a gang bang, there’s a gang of guys there. The whole time. And some may be groping her breasts or trying to get head. But it’s a group of guys at the same time, in other words. A train is more like the girl lays there in some back bedroom of a party and entertains guys one at a time. It’s more private. But you certainly wouldn’t think that from those definitions.

  2. I have always known a “train” as one guy in front and one guy in the rear. I think the ideal “train” is with a woman on her knees sucking a guy in the front and getting fucked from behind. Hope this helps!

  3. i believe a train is like each guy taking their turn. one fucks you, cums, leaves and then the next guy comes in and fucks you and so on. gang bang is i think more all at once. blowing a guy, DP, jerking a few at the same time. all at once.

  4. the first poster is correct, the second poster is incorrect
    the one guy in front, one in rear is called chinese handcuffs or spit roasting
    are you going to tell us the story of your group activity? which kind was it? was it fun? not traumatic i hope.

  5. A train is a series of guys fucking a girl one after another. I’m surprised to see the disagreement about gang bangs. I’ve always used the term to mean a group of people all having sex at the same time, usually multiple men and women unless its a homosexual or bi gang bang. But anyway, multiple couplings, three ways, etc…

  6. No matter the name, it all sounds like fun!

  7. While the first poster is correct, “first time commenter” nailed it on the head.

    Since I host such parties, I know the difference.

    Sexual trivia: The MAN in the middle of a threesome with two guys is called, “A Lucky Pierre'”.

    Those crazy french!

  8. Sorry to be a bit of a late comer, so to speak, but I have just discovered your blog and am half way through reading it from the beginning. Mind you I’m just a dumb crack licker from Illinois, but I could not let this post go without further comment. To my military mind to pull a train was to perform successive (no intentional pun) bj’s whether the football team was all in the room with you or lined up outside the door. Conversely, for a gangbang, the football team is all gathered around you and taking turns at various previously agreed upon orifices as they become available, simultaneously with an option on cumming on you if all of the “in you’s” are occupied by others. With the train, you’re the engineer and set the pace, with the gangbang, you’re pretty much the bangee, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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