Posted by: bosteen | August 30, 2007

Welcome back

After work today, I went get my books for school. I was going through getting my books and I see this really hot guy that has the same book as I do. My brain functions like a man I swear because all I really thought about was I need to sit next to him. I got all my books and got in line at the register. I was about to check out and my former calc prof walks in the book store. I made sure to say hello and give him a big smile. I have to admit he was looking good but realistically there is no hope there. It is sad, the fun we could of had.

It occurs to me that I won’t be a teen much longer.  With that said, the title of this blog will not really fit.  I really hate coming up with titles.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Well you could do what Anal Amy did, start a new one, but provide a link to the old one.

    maybe “Life of times of a Horny girl?” 🙂

    Kick ass in college!

  2. …adventures of an undergraduate slut…

    i mean…its just the next logical step…

  3. I read “I really hate coming up with titles” as “… titties” and though hang on that doesnt make sense

  4. Hmmm . . . “Adventures of a Former Teen Slut?”

    “Trysts of a Twenty-Something”

    “Horny and Headed for Graduation”

    “You, Me and My Degree”


  5. How about “Adventures of a GenY Slut”

    or “The Continuing Adventures of SlutX”

  6. Adventures of a former teen slut
    “You say slut like that is a bad thing”
    I know why I am smiling.
    Adventures of a Hypersexual 20something

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