Posted by: bosteen | August 26, 2007


I have to go back to work tomorrow, at least people will be back and I have the long hours.  I got a request to write about the first time I masturbated.  In complete honesty, I don’t really remember that much about it.  It is lost somewhere in my my head or I have replaced it with something else entirely.  The request is something I couldn’t do so I am sorry for that.

MCB, you are like a little kid.  You always have question after question.  I don’t mind them but I am giving you my impression.  I am guessing you are one of those people that have a thirst for knowledge and always reading a book.  I dislike the wildest, kinkiest, etc… questions.  The reason is you need to know what the other person considers wild, kinky, etc… to truly answer the question.  My impression of wild is different from what other people think is wild.  Brother Wolfe’s parents were on the other side of the house so there really wasn’t a chance of getting caught.

The whole brother Wolfe thing was a mistake to write.  I am debating whether or not to delete the posts altogether.  There are hurtful people out there that don’t target me, they target my friend instead.  I put the story out there about me and Miss Wolfe’s brother and people chose to put their questions to her about her brother and not me.  These people are fucktards.  You are trying to hurt her feelings and this is so wrong.  If you ever met her in person or a friend of hers, you would realize she is one of the kindest, caring, most giving people.  Asking her questions like “Have you asked Slut X who is better in bed yet? You or your brother?” is wrong on so many levels.  You should be ashamed for trying to intentionally hurt her.  Do you all hate women so much that you feel the need to degrade them to feel better about yourself?  Then, you all do it anonymously.  You little fuckers aren’t man enough to put your name with your hurtful statements.  The people that do this are lower than pond scum on the evolutionary ladder.  In the future, ask your questions to me when its something I write about and don’t seek to hurt her.  Chicken Shits!

Slut X


  1. Rule #1 of the Internet is people act like assholes. Be careful what you post, because somebody out there is going to say something vicious about it.

    But as reprehensible as their behavior is, it seems like if Wolfe is uncomfortable about this, you have to share some of the blame. I know I’d be upset if a woman were sleeping with both me and my brother. But hey, I read your blog to get off, not to judge, and it was a hot story.

    And no, I’m not putting my name on this post. But I don’t think you really have the right to call people out for posting anonymously until you start using your real name.

    The point is I post something so they harass her. They harass her because she is too nice to stand up and tell them they are being dicks. They don’t say it to me because I stand up for myself, they would rather pick on someone that didn’t write the blog. Tell me the logic in it.

  2. Yes, people are assholes and shouldnt be torturing Miss Wolfe BUT…………………You made the post……If you assumed that this wouldnt happen, then youre naive….I wouldnt do it but this world is full of jerks and because of it, these posts probably should never be made if you dont want people to get hurt……To be honest, blogs of this type just ask for trouble from the low-lifes……..Especially this situation – you sleep with a brother and sister and the sister has her own blog that people know about. The situation itself isnt exactly typical – its uncommon to find someone that has had sex with two people who are siblings and are different genders. Its the perverts dream…I dont think people are trying to hurt her – they just dont care if they do hurt her in the process of asking questions like the ones you shared with us.

  3. I don’t get the whole anonymous thing, either. Some 12 yr-old, playing on the Internet? Dude, go spank it in the bathroom to your Hannah Montana poster. Nobody writes a blog to catch grief about it.


  4. The world is full of idiots. You should just ignore them. No matter what they say. And another thing: Think before you post. Of course it’s more interesting to hear about brother wolfe, but if some people keep acting like that… If I would be you, I would start speaking about people by fake names.

  5. “Spankin it to Hannah Montana” That’s funny…and probably true…

  6. I agree with the group. You’re always going to get jerks on this thing. I get them occasionally, which is why i post as anonymously as possible. Post anything that you want, just be vague about locations and such. So far, I think you’re doing a great job about that, I would think if i was your nextdoor neighbor or your roommate in college, I wouldn’t know it was you.

  7. It’s just rude to hear that people do things like that, and then don’t have the simple courtesy to even front a name to put themselves under. Sure, I understand that any name on the internet is anonymity, but it’s beside the point honestly.

    People suck, hard, don’t they?

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