Posted by: bosteen | August 24, 2007


I wasn’t teasing last night when I had to leave my post.  I had a desperate need to do something and an opportunity presented itself.  You are saying at this point, what was the opportunity?  I could tell you but you had three dirty fuck stories in a row, I don’t want to drive you completely nuts.  You would be rubbing your cock raw and we can’t have it.  I am sure you need your cock to fuck your wife or girl.  I will say, for now, that last night I got off a couple times and I will leave the details for this weekend.  I am happy the week is over because I have the weekend off.  A weekend off is just what I need after all the hours I worked the last 8 days.

For the last post, I will post some things if you ask nicely.  I don’t like to go into the past a lot.  It isn’t that I am embarrassed for what I did.  I have so many things to write about that go on in the present that I don’t really need to write about the past.  However, it never hurts to ask because you might catch me in a good mood.  I will offer one thing for you readers, to make up for my absence.  I will give you an opportunity to ask for one story in my past.  The most common request will get the story.  It can be any age, any situation and if there is a story, I will write it.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. What is your wilded adventure? The event that you look back on now and say wow. I’m sure theres something in your past where you surprised even yourself.

  2. It’s your blog, you write what you want, X. While I enjoy reading some of your steamier stuff (and yes, I would like to read more of it), sometimes your other writings are pretty interesting to.

  3. can we request pics?…well I can dream… My request, the time you had the most cum in/on you? Also love the blog, been a silent reader but guess you deserve some feedback. xX

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