Posted by: bosteen | August 22, 2007

Working Overtime.

I really am sorry for not posting of late.  When I go back from vacation, everyone else at work did.  I have been working long hours this last week.  On a good note, my check should be huge.  My off time from work has been dedicated to sleeping but I am determined to write something.

I went down to Miss Wolfe’s a couple days before we went to Miami.  It was to hang out and there was a chance that we would leave early so we could make our reservation.  I didn’t know we were going to do a straight drive at the time.  There was no intention of hooking up with her brother, it just happened.  I didn’t initiate it, he came to me this time and started the flirting.  I did reciprocate and it led to fucking but he started it.  God, I sound like I’m 5 in that sentence.

I went out running with sister Wolfe.  I am not a big runner, it isn’t easy with bigger tits,  especially the distances she goes.  We got back to her house and we, her family and myself, were going out to dinner later.  She beat me back to the house by a little so she got the shower first.   I was there in her room and I took off my shirt and standing there in my sports bra.  Brother Wolfe walks in the room and starts to talk to me.  The conversation was light but there was lots of flirting happening.  He knows at this point that I will be going into the bathroom next to take a shower.  I notice that his member is quite hard while I am talking to him.  I don’t mind because in my humble opinion he has a gorgeous cock.  We hear the water turn off in the bathroom.  He takes this as a hint to go back to whatever he was doing previously.  Sister Wolfe comes into the room, half dressed, and tells me the bathroom is clear.  I grab my stuff and go to the bathroom.

I go into the bathroom, shut the door and get undressed.  I wasn’t really paying attention to see if anyone else was in there.  Her parents have their own bathroom and I figured her brother was off doing something.  I reached into the shower and turned on the water and I hear something move.  At this point, I am saying WTF to myself.  I open the shower curtain and there is her brother naked, waiting for me.  I look at him, deep down I was excited to see him in there, and ask him what he thinks he is doing.  He says something lame like he thought he could wash my back or something.  I don’t remember the exact words.  I didn’t really care because it had been a week since I last had a dick and his feels so good inside me.  There is a radio in the bathroom so I turn it on so it can cover some of the noise that I know will occur.

I get in the shower, facing him at first and turning around to get my body wet and to wash away the sweat.  When my back is turned to him, he comes up behind me, arms around to my front and grab on to my tits.  He is kissing my neck and I press my ass up against his hard dick.  I can feel it press between my ass cheeks so I move my ass a little so it slides up and down.  One of his hands went down the front of my body and he buried his fingers in my pussy.  I didn’t want his fingers in me, I wanted cock!

I tell him to fuck me, I didn’t care if he had a rubber or not.  He backed up a bit, I put my hands on the wall in front of me and open my legs.  His cock is quick to spread open the lips of my pussy and fuck me.  He was holding onto my tits as he rammed his cock hard into me repeatedly.  I didn’t mind that he was so rough, I wanted it that way.  He was driving deep in me.  It was hard to stay quiet while he did this, I was biting down on my lip to keep quiet while he drove in me.  The feeling was great.  He was fucking me for a couple minutes when he tells me he is going to cum.  I tell him to pull out and go on my ass.  I can tell he is about to blow because his thrusts are getting faster and harder.  He pulls out of my pussy and I feel his load hit my ass.  I reached around with one hand and get some of his cum.  I needed to taste it.  It tasted as good as I remember.  He was going to get out of the shower after this.  I told him to stay still.  I got down on my knees and licked his cock clean.

We finished the shower.  I made sure I left the bathroom first.  I had to make sure the coast was clear so he could go back to his room without being noticed.  We went out to eat with her parents that night.  Every time I looked at her brother, I thought of the hard fucking he gave me not that long ago.  I went to his room later that night for another session of fucking.  There is going to be some lucky college girls where he is going to school because he is an incredible fuck.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Very well done. If only some of my sisters’ friends ran . . .


  2. Well i for one am happy you ar back i did not know if the trip had wiped you out or what and btw i lost the link to Miss Wolfe’s blog

  3. Is her brother going to school anywhere near you? Or is this a serendipitous event hat will probably never happen again? Either way, it was hot.

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