Posted by: bosteen | August 22, 2007

Miami Clubbing

Our first night in Miami, I wanted to go to the club that we went earlier in the summer.  I was hoping to run into the guy from last time.  Miss Wolfe didn’t seem to mind going to the club again.  If I remember last time, she found lots of hot guys to buy her drinks and to dance with her.  She can deny that she didn’t do anything last time but I know the truth.  I know she sucked of a guy or two.

Anyhow, we got dressed up and headed to the club.  I was looking damn hot too, I was wearing a skirt about the length of the one in my header picture, no panties, and this shirt showing a lot of cleavage. We get to the club and to start things off we decide to attract some of the hotter guys by dancing with each other for a song or two.  There was no luck in finding the guy from last time but I didn’t really expect to see him.  I danced with a couple guys before I found the right guy.  I could tell he was packing when I danced with him.  Yes, I can be a size queen.  After I found him, I didn’t want to let him go.

We danced the rest of the night until Wolfe said she was ready to go.  I told him I needed to go back to the hotel with her, we are not stupid enough to go do something that would get us raped.  He offered to go back to the Hotel with us.  I wasn’t ready to call it a night yet so I said sure.  I knew we couldn’t use the room really because Wolfe wanted to get some sleep.  When we arrived at the Hotel, she went up to the room and I went to the pool side with the guy I brought back.  I know there are cameras around the pool but I don’t really care.

We sat down by the pool and we started to make out really quick.  The dancing worked both of us up quite a bit.   It didn’t take him long to find out that I wasn’t wearing panties under my short skirt or that my pussy was soaking wet.  He was teasing my pussy with his fingers and it was driving me nuts.  I got sick of it so I moved my hips and his fingers started to go in me.  He went with it and started to finger my pussy.  He quickly found my g-spot and started to rub it.  This guy was good because he started to rub my clit and g-spot at the same time.  I was a time bomb at this point waiting to explode in his hand.  I did explode, I had such a hard orgasm, I never felt that good before in my life.

I was like putty in his hands at this point.  I really wanted to fuck him right there but neither of us had a condom and I wasn’t about to go bareback with a guy I just met two hours ago.  I was going to show him my appreciation.  I told him to lay back on the chair.  I got down on my knees in front of him and pulled his cock free.  It wasn’t the biggest in the world but had a good length and great thickness.  I started my stroking the base of his cock while licking and sucking the head of it.  It wasn’t long until my hand was at the base of his cock and my mouth bobbing up and down the full length of his member.  I was working hard to make sure he left with a smile.  I heard him groan a little and I knew he was close to orgasm.  I looked up into his eyes.  I looked into his eyes until he shot his load in my mouth.

I know I am a cum slut for doing that to someone I knew for 2 hours.  However, I don’t care.  The night security guy for those cameras need some spanking material while he is working.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Lol @ security guy . . .

    “OMG, Al, check this out!!”

    “Geez, look at them.”

    “Is he going to do her, right there? Oh man . . .”

    “No . . . what’s happening? I think she’s going to suck him.”

    “OMG, look at her go. Look at the look on his face. Al . . . Al?”


  2. LOL, thanks Jim!

    You had fun, who cares what people think.

  3. In a city like Miami, I’m sure they’ve seen almost everything on their cameras. Its probably one of the fringe benefits of an otherwise very boring job. You should just hang around and people watch some time. You’d be surprised by what you see. Or maybe you wouldn’t 😉

  4. Great story. I also like the shower fuck. That was as hot as all the humps you have posted so far, may be a little better.

  5. You say “cum clut” like it’s a bad thing.

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