Posted by: bosteen | August 14, 2007

TMI 96

1. Define “infidelity” as it relates to a relationship. Have you ever been guilty of infidelity? Have you ever been the victim of infidelity? Have you ever been a participant in someone else’s infidelity?  When you do something of a romantic nature that you know will hurt your SO.  Never been guilty or victim.  I have aided in someone else’s infidelity but this is not new to you all.  I have said it previously.
2. What is the last thing you stole?  A look.  (not the style kind)
3. Name one place in your country that you have never been but would like to visit and why.  I have seen a lot of places in this country of mine.  I lived in Hawaii,  which is the one place I think most people would say.  I don’t really know.  There are plenty of places I would love to forget.  The first on that list would be Pensacola.
4. What movies can you watch over and over again?  The only movies I can really watch repeatedly are comedies.  Lately, it has been Harold and Kumar goto White Castle.
5. Who is the last person you saw naked?  Myself, but you don’t want that answer.  I guess the answer would be Miss Wolfe.

Bonus (as in optional): In honor of the 237 reasons we have sex study. Tell us at least five but not more than ten reason you have had sex.  I wanted the pure pleasure.  It would allow me to “get sex out of my system” so that I could focus on other things.  I wanted to act out a fantasy.  The person was too physically attractive to resist.  I wanted to experience the physical pleasure.


  1. Great answers! Happy TMI!

  2. Great Answers Happy TMI!

  3. Huh, you know I actually forgot about Hawaii when I answered that question. I can’t decide whether that’s a good or bad thing though. lol

    Great answers. Happy TMI!

  4. I loved your answers but that’s nothing new. Happy TMI!

  5. Lol @ “get sex out of my system.”

    And how long does that usually last?


  6. I could think of worse people to have seen naked last 🙂

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