Posted by: bosteen | July 30, 2007


I want to thank you all for your comments on the new layout. I feel the need to change it every month or so because it gets boring looking at the same thing all the time. Wolfe said she would post our hook up today. The pictures I chose for the header are pictures that happen while I go about my life. Someone suggested I do a posed picture for the blog. I don’t like my posed pictures. They always look bad to me. Its like I am trying to hard or something. If I think of something good or I find a posed picture I like, I will consider posting it. It is time for me to work out. Before I forget again, if you have a link to me on your page, let me know.  I will gladly reciprocate.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Hi Slut X, I have bieng reading your blog for a wile and let me tell you that you always make my day, your post are realy hot.
    Have a great day and I am waiting for that post with Ms. Wolf


  2. Judging from your pictures, your ordinary life is a lot more exciting than mine.

    BTW: We have a link to your site on our blogroll (under New Reads) and would appreciate a link back if you don’t mind. Your blog is one of my favorite daily reads.

  3. Love reading your blog! It’s on my must read list and linked on my page…

    I hope you stick around for a while and keep writing!!

    The new layout looks good

  4. Have you ever considered doing a gallery of your pictures? You have a wonderful figure.

    Like the new layout.

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