Posted by: bosteen | July 13, 2007

Lunch Time Fun

I had two dates a couple weeks ago on the same day. I never said who the second date was with because I wasn’t sure if he would be around long. We have gone out a couple times since then and we get along well. With all that said, he sent me an e-mail today asking me what I was doing for lunch. I replied with nothing (I had yesterday off) so I invited him over for lunch.

I wasn’t sure if he was looking for lunch or “lunch” so I made something that could be eaten quickly and in a car on the way back to the office, if necessary. He got to my place ten minutes after noon. I answered the door wearing some work out shorts and this wife beater.  He entered and pulled me close.  He gave me a kiss while he grabbed my ass.  He picked me up and carried me to the table.

He sat me down on the table and leaned over to get me to my back.  My hips were lifted and he pulled off my shorts.  I grabbed his shirt and pulled him down and kissed him.  He uses too much tongue when he kisses but the pressure is just right.  I leaned up a bit and pulled down his pants and boxers.  He pulled my hips close to the edge of the table.  I felt him enter me.  He teased me at first.  He would put a little in me then pull out and keep doing this until I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him all the way inside me.

He was doing long slow strokes at first.  His hands when to the bottom of my wife beater and pulled it up.  It didn’t go all the way off just up above my chest. He was playing with my tits as he fucked me.  It felt good but could of been better.  He wasn’t hitting the right spot.  I told him to pull out.  I got off the table and bent over the side of it.  His hands went to my tits again and he started to fuck me.  This time it was harder and faster.  It was much better this way.  With one hand, I started to rub my clit.  I had sensations going all over the place now.  My back was arched, breathing deep and letting out moans from the pleasure going through me. We both orgasmed in a couple of minutes.  After he finished, I removed his condom and licked his cock to taste what I could of his cum.

We ate quickly and before he left to go back to work we had another quickie.  I love lunches like that and need them more often.  Happy Humping.

Slut X


  1. mmm – knocking off a nooner. a perfect way to keep a smile while working the rest of the afternoon.

  2. “Lunch” is so much better than lunch. Especially the way that you were (un)dressed and ready for him when he arrived. Nooners are a great way to break up the day.

  3. You dirty girl. Let me know when you visit Hawaii and we’ll have some fun together. I like your site. We should trade links.

  4. Nice, I love nooners. My last gf lived downtown so they were easy. Love the removing-the-condom-and-licking-his-cock part, pretty hot!

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