Posted by: bosteen | July 8, 2007

Answering some questions

I have been lax with my answering questions in the comments.  I usually just add the answer in the comment but since it has been so long I will do it here.  Oddly enough, most are from the same person.

Does anyone have carpet any more?  This is in regards to a question in TMI 89.  I don’t shave all the carpet off all the time.  I do like to have a landing strip sometimes.  It goes through phases.

Do you often have multiple dates on Friday? What do you do if things get “interesting” and start running long?  This is from Friday = Date Night.  I do it sometimes.  It is really about setting a drop dead time for a date.  This night was no different.  The secret to it is meeting the second guy somewhere.  This way it is easy to call and say I’m running late.  

Have you ever “interrupted” anyone having sex in public?  This is from More Public Sex Places.  I have walked in on people having sex at parties.  I have also heard people fooling around in the store changing room.  I don’t rush in and look.  I will give them a look or say something to let them know I caught on to them.

From Big Bad Wolfe

  1. Is this the first time it’s happened between you two?  No, it isn’t.  When I first moved to Boston, Miss Wolfe and I hooked up a couple times.  It was three years ago.  We became friends and hooking up didn’t seem to matter anymore.
  2. was there any pictures?  I don’t stop having sex just to take pictures.  I am sorry to ruin this fantasy for you.  It stops the fun.
  3. Are you guys good enough friends to do a threesome with a guy or would it be two problematical?  Sorry MCB but I hate this question.  All you men seem to think that the only kind of 3some is two women and a guy.  In my experience, 3somes only destroy relationships when someone is romantically together like engaged, married, dating.  This is not to say it won’t happen but unlikely.

Have you ever done an angry dragon?  From Odd Requests.  This is really disturbing.  I will never willingly do this.  If a guy did something to make cum shoot out my nose (hitting the back of my head or pulling down on his cock), I would start to bite down.  I don’t think he would enjoy it.

Keep the questions coming and Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I wasn’t trying to be obnoxious about the threesome question. It’s just been my unscientific observation that women are less uptight about things generally. I know that I’ve been “invited” to join a couple by the woman or my wife and I have been propositioned by girls much more than by men. Guy’s just seem more threatened. We get more solicitations by men than women in email; but I just consider what happens when we’re out and about meeting people in person.

  2. We actually don’t take pictures very often, and when we do, it’s actually a small part of the time. I think the key is to just have fun with it and see what happens. You have to kind of integrate it in.

    Or you could always just set up the video camera, hit record and away you go 🙂

  3. I like the way hot husband thinks!
    thanks for answering the questions…very interesting.

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