Posted by: bosteen | July 6, 2007

Odd Requests

Lately, I have been craving weird things in regards to sex.  I went out with Teacher X last night.  We went to see Transformers, not my choice but it was good, and we got some food.  During the movie, I gave the good teacher a hand job.  There is nothing odd about this so far but I will get there.  After the movie and food, we couldn’t really go back to my place because Miss Wolfe was there.  Ordinarily, we can’t go to Teacher X’s place because of his wife, you can tell me I’m going to hell later, but his wife wasn’t around this week.  She is with her parents for the week or something.  I wasn’t paying too much attention to be honest.

I think the hand job in the theater got him really going because on the way to his house he was rubbing my pussy through my panties.  We got to his house and went inside very quickly because we were both ready to explode.  The first thing he did was bend me over this chair in his living room.  He pull my panties to the side and started to ram his cock in me deep.  I was close to orgasm before we got out of the car, his pounding of me got me back to that point and more  very quick.  It only took a couple minutes before I orgasmed.  He continued though until he cummed inside my pussy. He removed his cock and we went to his bedroom.

We were both naked when we got to the bedroom because we were stripping along the way there.  He laid down on the bed and licked his now soft cock clean.  I enjoyed the taste of me and him on his cock.  It was also to get his cock hard again.  His cock grew hard again and I mounted him.  I told him to call me names and spank my ass hard while I rode him.  He couldn’t spank me hard enough though.  I wanted to be degraded.  (here are the odd requests)  I would slide all the way down on his cock making sure to get every little bit inside of me.  He was close to cumming but I did not want another load in me.  I wanted it in my face.  I got off of him and laid down on my back.  He got up and straddled me.  He put his cock between my tits and squeezed them together.  He titty fucked me until he cummed.  His load went all over my face, I even got a little up my nose.  This left me satisfied somehow.

I told you I was having some odd requests.  I don’t know why I wanted it that way but it made me feel good.  It is time to pre-party with Miss Wolfe before we go out clubbing tonight.  Happy Humping.

Slut X


  1. With glorious titties like yours, I’m sure he loved rubbing his cock between them!

    Sometimes it just feels so damn good being so damn bad, doesn’t it?

    Great story — very, very sexy.

  2. love the new banner pic

  3. Have you ever done an angry dragon?

    P.S. The new banner picture is great.

  4. Angry Dragon?

  5. I’m curious what an Angry Dragon is also?

    Loved the story!

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