Posted by: bosteen | July 2, 2007

More Public Sex Places

This is a continuation of some of the places I had sex in public. I did the first post on this topic back in the beginning of may.

Parks  In my humble opinion, parks can be really fun places.  Where isn’t there a place to get some at a park.  I can remember this one park before my family moved to Boston.  It had this stage thing where they would do things in the summer, stuff like movies in the park, concerts, etc… .  There were wings to the place the side with locked doors where they stored stuff.  Those wings were great places to go during the daylight for a horny hook up in the park.  It was really a stand up against the wall sort of thing.  I was a lifeguard at the pool there and before or after work it was a great place to go for a quickie.  I can remember one time I was there and these two other people came up to the wings for the same thing.  They caught me and my friend then left.  On the way out I smiled and said its ready for you.

Work  I think everyone wants to hook up at work.  There are a lot of people that do whether its after hours or during operating hours its always fun.  My first job was the best place to fuck.  I just turned 16 and got a job at a grocery store.  I was the cashier person and we used to get like 15 minute breaks.  You could go to the break room to chill, smoke, or whatever people did.  There was this guy there that I was already fucking.  One night I was so horny that I really needed a dick to make it through the rest of my time there.  I heard stories about people hooking up at fire escape near the break room.  I got on my break and grabbed his hand, he was a stocker.  We went up to that little fire escape and saw no one on the way.  We ended up fucking there at work.  My first time fucking at work.  It quickly became a favorite activity while I was at work.  I remember one time the boss looks at me after a break and said “you sure seem a lot happier.”  I just went back to work.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Have you ever “interrupted” anyone having sex in public? For me, I think the strangest was a woman giving her boss a BJ in a conference room at work. The door was shut but it didn’t have a lock on it so…

  2. I love the new banner. Well I liked the old one also. Happy 4th

  3. On a subway home from a nightclub, I also did in an womens bathroom in an airport before getting on a flight, I got caught at the airport but not on the subway, weird.

  4. Sadly, I am still not in the public sex club.

  5. Yes, then new banner is very nice. As was the old one.

    And like Hank, I’m lacking in that department.

  6. I love the new banner picture….be still my beating heart!!

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