Posted by: bosteen | June 30, 2007

On The Way Home

I had to clear this story with Miss Wolfe, I didn’t want her to read it and think what the fuck.  Miss Wolfe and myself drove like mad up to Pennsylvania to her new house.  We stayed a day there with her family then drove to Boston.  It is a nice house in the countryside.  While there I was getting pretty horny to say the least.  We spent the day out by her pool and her brother was out there swimming.  Up in Boston he played hockey and I never really noticed how good his body was.  I was admiring his form through my sunglasses.

I really started to flirt with him around dinner.  I was smiling and rubbed his leg a couple times under the table.  After dinner, we sat around and chatted with Miss Wolfe’s family.  Miss Wolfe and I went out to get ice cream at this local place and came back.  When we walked in the house, her brother was watching a movie.  we sat down to join him.  Miss Wolfe sat down on the chair next to the couch and I sat down on the couch next to him.  This gave me a chance to be touchy.  There was a noticeable bulge growing in his pants, that’s when I knew I could get him if I wanted.

It was later that night, Miss Wolfe and I were sleeping or trying to sleep in my case.  I was too horny to sleep.  I got up out of the bed in an attempt not to wake her up.  I made my way to her brothers room.  He was in there sleeping also.  I went up to the side of his bed and whispered his name.  He groaned a bit and didn’t wake up.  I had to be a little more hands on to wake him up.  I leaned in closer to him and took my hand on the outside of his sheet and rub his cock.  He started to stir and I whispered to him that I was horny and wanted him. 

His eyes went wide open instantly at hearing this.  My hand was massaging his cock through the sheet.  His cock was rock hard when he pulled me into the bed.  He kissed me so passionately that I was dazed for a moment.  He reached over to his side table to grab a condom.  I didn’t realize he was naked under the sheets.  I took the opportunity to remove my shirt and shorts.  He finished putting on his condom and then I got on the bed and straddled him.

I felt his cock start to slide into me.  I put my hands over his shoulders which caused my tits to hang above his head.  He started to play with my tits and nipples as I was riding his cock.  This is going to sound whorish but it felt so good, it was about 2 days since I fucked and I really needed a dick in me.i was on top riding his dick for a couple minutes.  He then grabbed my waist and put me on my back.  He put his pillow beneath my ass, grabbed my legs and pulled them open spread eagle (very porn like thing).  He pounded his cock into me hard and fast.  My tits were bouncing and I could feel his balls hitting up against me. 

 I told him I wanted him to cum on me.  As he was close to finishing, he pulled out of me and removed his rubber.  I went to help him jerk his cock but he didn’t want it.  He pushed me back onto the bed and pumped his cock furiously.  A large load burst out of the head of his cock and hit my  tits and neck, almost got to my face.  He pumped out the last bit as they hit my stomach.  I took my hands and rubbed it in my chest then licked my hands to taste him.  We laid down on his bed for a bit before we went back at it.  In total, we fucked three times in a little over an hour.  It was fucking fantastic.  Happy Humping!

Slut X 


  1. oh…my…god

  2. I’m not surprised you had to check before writing that! Hope you had fun….

  3. Great story. Love an aggressive woman! Oh, to wake up to that.

  4. I bet he’ll always want to come back to Boston and visit his big sister now. 🙂

  5. VERY hot!!

    nicely done 🙂

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