Posted by: bosteen | June 16, 2007

First Night in Miami

It took Miss Wolfe and myself two days to drive down to Miami.  It was a really fun trip.  There were a couple times when we were driving I would catch a guy looking over in the car at us.  It wasn’t just looking it was staring.  In that case, I would flash them my tits and we would drive off laughing.

We arrived last night around 630.  There was a slight problem with our reservation.  We had a room but it was the bed situation.  There was only a room with a king size bed and not the two queens like we reserved.  Its only for 2 nights and tomorrow we will get the room we requested.  We went out to eat then to a club last night.

I danced with a couple guys.  They were all hot and gorgeous bodies.  I was really interested in the one.  As we danced, I could feel his hard cock up against me every once in a while.  I was getting quite turned on by it and really wanted more but knowing the room situation, it wasn’t happening.  I let him buy me a drink and I was there when it was made so I know there wasn’t anything dropped in it.  We danced a couple more times.  I was having a blast.

We took a break from the dancing and we soon began to kiss.  To say is was a good kisser is a big understatement.  Somehow my hand managed to find it’s way to his pants.  What can I say, it has a mind of its own.  I ended up giving him a hand job in the club.  I licked what cum I got on my hand off.  We made plans to meet up at a club tonight so hopefully more will happen.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Great post, and what a lucky bastard. 😛
    Hope the trip brings more fun!

  2. Miss Wolfe wrote in her blog that there was a guy with her friend (you) when she woke up one morning. Come on, girl, give us the goods.
    Excellent blog, by the way. I love sluts and you seem to be a good one.

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