Posted by: bosteen | June 12, 2007

TMI 87

1. What is the meanest thing you’ve ever done/said to a lover/loved one?  Hmmm, I suppose you would say it was cheating on a boyfriend.  He was a good person but just couldn’t get it done in bed.  I tried my best to help him with the performance but it just didn’t work.

2. Have you ever had sex on an elevator?  No I haven’t.  It does sound like a lot of fun though.  I’m afraid at this point in the US if you pulled the emergency stop on an elevator someone would think I’m a terrorist and call the police, even if it was for a quickie.  Its safer just to grab a copy room or broom closet.

3. Have you ever lied about a rash and said it was a birthmark? OR Have you ever lied about a birthmark and said it was a rash?  No, the whole idea sounds very stupid.

4. Have you ever had sex on a beach or in the water at a beach/pool?  Beach, pool, hot tub.  The problem with the beach is even if you use a blanket sand somehow finds its way to places it shouldn’t be.  The hot tub is so cliche but also very fun.  I got caught having sex in the pool.

5. How old are you? How old do you feel? =P  How dare you ask a lady her age!  LOL.  I am 19 and feel it.

6. Have you or your partner been injured so badly during sex that you/they had to go to the hospital?  God no.  I have heard stories about girls riding a guy so hard that they “break” the guys dick.  There was a guy on Howard Stern that it happened.  Ouch.

7. Have you been to a strip club or “titty bar”? (Hooters does NOT count.) If so, did you get a lap dance?  Hell yes.  I went to a strip club on my 18th birthday.  Some guy looked at me and asked if I was old enough to be there.  I told him “fuck ya” and that it was my birthday.  He bought me a lap dance.  I let him watch for some masturbatory fantasies.

Bonus (as in optional): Have you ever had a “blog crush” (i.e., a crush on someone, of whatever gender, that you haven’t met in person but only know through their blog)? Who? (Link, please, if you dare!) =P  I can’t say that I have.  I am still relatively new to this whole thing.

Happy Humping

Slut X


  1. Good answers….happy TMI!! 🙂

  2. Being 19 and feeling it is quite good!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Lovely answers lol. Happy TMI.

  4. Happy Humping! Hell where was this titty bar/lapdance thing when i was 18?

  5. Ah, to be 19 again. OMG, I’m old enough to be your mother! That’s scary. You’re probably right about the elevator – all my elevator experiences were pre 9/11.
    Happy TMI!

  6. You’ve been tagged… see me for details…

  7. I loved your answers. Happy (late) TMI.

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