Posted by: bosteen | June 4, 2007

Boring Weekend

I don’t have any wild stories to tell you of this weekend. My friend, Miss Wolfe, and I went out to a gay club to dance. I like to go to gay clubs to dance because the guys are usually better dancers and there is no pressure from guys wanting to get with me. I am not saying that all guys hit on me, but it is nice to have a night where guys don’t hit on me. It is just a fun night out.

Thank you for the suggestions about putting a lowdown on the guys in my sidebar. I will think about it. The problem is I like the short sidebar. If i can figure out how to put another tab on the page I will put it up there. It’s time for me to hit the gym and get ready for my date with Teacher X. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Is that you in the picture at the top?! Wow! I’m in lust….

  2. The new tab works; and calling them your ‘toys’ is pretty funny….congrats.

  3. I’m kind of disappointed . . . You and Miss Wolfe–my two favorite female sex bloggettes–go out, and this is all we hear about it? Please tell me there’s more: perhaps a lingerie-clad pillow fight? Sensuous licking of whipped cream from each other’s fingers? Trading stories and techniques?

  4. Don’t the girls hit on you in Gay Bars?

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