Posted by: bosteen | June 1, 2007


I am taking the opportunity today to update/explain somethings.  I have written the Calc Prof since my last meeting with him.  However, I am kind of losing interest in him.  It is not to say I wouldn’t want to be with him, but just not at the moment.  BTW, I got an A- in calc all by myself.

I thought I should summarize some of the more important guys in the blog for you all.

Tom:  He is Guy 2’s friend.  I met him out at a club when I was there with Guy 2.  He is bisexual and we are actively looking for a true mmf threesome.

Guy 2:  He is a guy I knew in high school that recently came back to my life via a threesome with some other guy I knew in High School.

Teacher X:  He is a former high school teacher of mine.  We never fooled around until I graduated.

Shop Guy:  He is a guy that I met while working.  He was flirting with me while his girlfriend was in the changing room.  I got his number and we started to date on the side.

Calc Prof:  He is the guy I had for calculus this past semester.  I would flash him some kitty and flirt with him.  My interest is lessening toward him but I still want to do something with him.

Happy Humping.

Slut X


  1. Maybe you should put this somewhare in the side bar or on a separate page.

  2. You, Tom and I should chat…..

  3. I agree with MCB that you should put that on a sidebar and just let is know when it’s updated. It would be nice to know where the men in your life currently stand.

    Best of luck with your mmf!

    LOVE your blog, I hope to get mine updated more consistently.

  4. congrats on the A-….i am new to your blog and will have to look around….i can’t wait.

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