Posted by: bosteen | May 30, 2007

Showing My Support

This weekend an old friend came into town. It was a big surprise because he is supposed to be on the other side of the world. My friend is a guy serving in the Marines. I first met him when I moved to Boston a couple years ago. He was a senior in high school at the time and was the first guy I fooled around with in Boston. He came back in town for the week to visit his parents. I ran into him at a party last night. We drank, talked and flirted with each other. I always felt safe and that warm fuzzy inside when around him. After more than a couple drinks and plenty of flirting, we were pretty much ready to go back to old times.

We got a cab back to my apartment. We were kissing and feeling each other up while in the cab. I noticed the cab driver had a slight smile as we left the cab to make our way to my door. I got out my keys to unlock the door, he pressed up against me. I could feel his strong hands touch my stomach and run up the front to massage my tits. His lips met the back of my neck. He took his time kiss my neck working up to my ears. This made me fumble with my keys a bit so it took a little longer for me to unlock the door. I certainly didn’t mind that he wasn’t wasting an opportunity.

We entered and just shut the door when he pushed my back up against the wall. He leaned in for a deep kiss the whole time his nimble fingers unfastening my pants and pushing them to the floor. He stopped kissing for a moment. I took this chance to lift his shirt over his head and he did the same when I finished with his. I ran my hands down his well sculpted abs to his belt. He began to kiss me again while I removed his pants. There we stood by my door with only our underwear, kissing each other and grabbing each other. He grabbed my ass and lifted me in the air. I wrapped my legs around him.

He carried me into my room and tossed me to the bed. His hands grabbed my hips and pulled me close to the edge of the bed. Reaching down, he ripped the crotch of my panties apart. After he pulled down his boxer briefs, he leaned over and licked up the slit of my exposed pussy. He then went next to me and gave me a kiss. I could still taste myself in his mouth. I got on top of him and started to grind myself on him. I was so wet that his cock was being coated with my wetness. I felt his cock slip into me while grinding. He started to pump his cock.

The feeling of skin on skin felt so good but I had to stop it. I need to get get a rubber. We stopped momentarily to put a rubber on him and then picked up where we left off. I rode him for a couple minutes and he decided he wanted something different. His hands took a firm grip on my hips and took me off of him. He told me to get on my knees. I did what I was told. He pushed the front of me down to the bed.

My hands and face were in the mattress with my legs spread and ass in the air. He gave my ass a good smack that left it stinging where his hand hit. He grabbed my hips and shoved his cock in me deep and hard. I moaned with excitement. He pounded my pussy relentlessly. My body jerked forward with every thrust added to by my grunts and moans. He pulled his cock out of me, I thought maybe he finished. I was wrong, he took the break to remove the rubber and he jerked himself out to completion. His cum hit the crack of my ass and ran down between my legs on to my now sore pussy lips. I turned around and got on my back. He got on his side next to me. He kissed me and his fingers went down to my pussy and he fingered me to completion. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Yawn.
    Everyone say hello to Spunky from previous posts. According to Spunky I am not deep enough emotionally. Yet Spunky is so manly that he has to try to hide who he is to make further comments. I thought the males in Pittsburgh were supposed to be a mans man.
    Whats wrong Spunky? Yes, I know who you are. I suggest you find a place with a different IP address for your comments and new name. One of the few things I like about wordpress is that it gives me IP addresses.

  2. Great post, would love to have seen you on that bed with your ass in the air.

    One question, did you want him to try anal on you?

    The new(ish) picture is great.

  3. don’t lump me in with spunky– i did my own time in the phase you’re in now…
    i’m sure you use a bit of artistic license in the retelling of your tales, but just in case (and for the sake of some of your readers who may not know this), cum doesn’t need to actually be deposited INSIDE you to get you pregnant or transmit an STD. All those little guys need is a continuous path of sperm-friendly wetness to make their way to the uterus.
    Okay, big-sister-type rant over…
    Have fun and stay safe!
    Thank you, men dont necessarily know that. I am always safe and the same to you. As for artistic license, I really don’t take any. I try to recall everything that happens to me. With my last story with the Marine, I did omit the part about a condom. I honestly didn’t think about it when I was writing.

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