Posted by: bosteen | May 26, 2007

Movie Night

I had a date last night.  Tom and I went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean.  Honestly, I didn’t like the movie.  It lost a lot of what made it a great movie in the first picture.  At one point during the movie, I got so bored of the movie that I reached into Tom’s pants and gave him a handy.

While driving home after the movie, Tom put his hand on my thigh and started to tease me.   He knew what he was doing and what would happen.  His hand what massaging my inner thigh, slowly working its way up my leg.  I was getting wetter and wetter the closer we got to my place.  By the time we pulled in front of my place, I was wanting to feel him inside me so bad.  The problem being I had to be up early in the morning to run some errands before work.  I knew if he came in the house that it would be a while and I couldn’t afford it.

He turned off the engine to the car and looked at me.  I unbuckled both of our seat belts and straddled him.  My skirt rode up on me but i didn’t really care.  I started to kiss him and grind up against him.  I could feel his cock growing in his pants.  I separated ourselves a little and pulled out his cock.  He quickly put a rubber on it while I pulled my panties to the side.  I lowered myself onto him.  His hands grabbed onto my ass hard as I rode his cock.  The windows got a little fogged up but we didn’t care.  Anyone walking or driving by knew what was happening.   I slid up and down him fast wanting a good hard orgasm.  He cummed before I could finish but it was ok.  I didn’t think I would.

I got off of him to the passenger seat.  I reached over removed his condom and licked his cock clean.  After I finished, I got out of his car and went in my place.  I masturbated to a couple orgasms before bed but it was a great sleep.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Were your parents up when you got home? Do they ever say anything to you about staying out to late on dates or having too much company stop by? I know you are in a separate building but my parents complain about the hours I keep when it comes to their attention and I’m grown.

  2. Damn! Funny, sexy, smart, and tough. Good on you, girl!

  3. Wow, yet another hot blog. It upsets me when some write in your comments negative things. It is a BLOG. It is your blog. Do as you please. For those whom don’t like it…DON”T read it. It’s that simple. this isn’t a place to pass moral virtues on to the next person. It’s not the place for the religous fanatics. It’s simply “the sluts” blog. I love it. Please continue. I look forward to your blog each and every day. Brent

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