Posted by: bosteen | May 24, 2007


I don’t really care what spunky says.  As a matter of fact, I chuckled when I saw his comment.  I did the post just so you all would give him some crap.  I thought he deserved it.  Unlike my friend, Miss Wolfe, I don’t let people say what they will and get away with it.  I stand up for myself and get very heated when someone says something that can be considered offensive.  For the couple comments I did see, I do not use sex as a way of searching for some misplaced feelings or use it to gain attention from men because “my daddy didn’t love me.”  I use sex the way I do because I want to and I enjoy it.  The blog is not a way for me to seek lost affection either, it is the exhibitionist in me.  As you can tell from a lot of my posts, I am not afraid to expose myself or do things in public.

As for anonymous, BE A FUCKING MAN!  Or did your wife take your sac when you got married?  Make up a fake name or whatever, you don’t have to be a pussy and hide behind an anonymous name.  You must be a big strong man to come up with such conclusions and hide after you say them.  LOL. At least Spunky made up a name and didnt try to hide himself. Let’s talk about who’s lacking confidence now.

Slut X


  1. Why you’re not my type:
    I want to preface this by saying that I don’t intend this to be an attack, and I don’t want you to interpret it that way, but I would like some honesty from you if you are capable of being honest.
    You’re not my type because you come off as an idiot in your writing. You come off as sub-human, an emotionless, thoughtless, selfish, bitch. You don’t even come off as a a slut to me. You just seem like a girl who lacks the ability to think reflectively.
    Your blog would be so much more interesting if you would let down the slut routine and actually write like a human being, even if just occasionally. All your posts are about fucking, but never do you reflect on that fucking. Never do you seem to think about it.
    If you would attempt to open up emotionally and write from your heart, even if just occasionally, your blog audience would triple. People would give a shit about you and care about your exploits. As you do it now, I can take it or leave it. You are just not very interesting.
    Again, I don’t mean this as an attack. I just wonder if you’re some fuck-robot or if you’re actually human.
    I usually find that when someone says “i don’t mean this as an attack/to be rude/etc … ” it really is. Let me get this straight, when you say ” You come off as sub-human, an emotionless, thoughtless, selfish, bitch… ” you mean that in a nice way. Holy fuck, I would hate to be someone you dislike. How unfortunate for you that it isn’t you that decides what I write and when I write. Furthermore, if you ever paid attention to my posts, not all my posts are about fucking. I will grant you that there is a great deal of fucking in my posts but not all. You can call this nit picking but you open yourself up for criticism when you criticize me. Also, those people that ask me questions do get answered. Maybe if you looked at the comments or sent me questions about my attitudes, you would know more about me. The thing of the blog is this is a 2 way street. I write and look at the statistics. The people seem to enjoy the stuff I write so I continue with it. The truth of the matter is I approach sex much like the males of my age. Maybe this is what you dislike. Do I remind you of you or the person you wanted to be at my age? Are you just being calous or judgmental out of jealousy? I am far from a literary genius but I do know that not everything someone says is in the subject it is how it is written. Sometimes you have to open up your mind and explore how someone says something to get a true sense of the person that writes them. Maybe the problem lies with you not reading enough into the posts. Just a thought. In closing, if there is something you want me to talk about suggest it. I might surprise you and write about it.

  2. See, you did nothing to prove me wrong. No reflection.

    By the way, I meant what I said. I did not mean to attack you. I like you, in fact.

    I can’t know anything more about you than what you write. I wish you would think about that. If you don’t write it, it isn’t there. That’s a fundamental rule for writers, Slut. Believe it or not, you are a writer, and you have a lot of potential to be a great writer, but you will have to learn to write Truth with a capital T. I hope that you will think about that and learn.

    I don’t have any problem whatsoever with your sexuality. I just wish you put more thought into it. I guess you can’t get blood from a turnip, but you’re not a turnip, you’re a living breathing human female, and I just want to get a sense of that.


  3. By the way, potential is the word. And you are not reaching yours. I bet you’ve been told that before.

  4. Slut, last comment about this, but this just came to my mind after closely reading your response to my initial comment:

    I want you to write a reflection. I want you to take one of those random fucks you had and reflect on it, think about what it MEANT to you, about your motivations, about the bigger fucking picture. My challenge to you is: CAN YOU DO THAT? Now that would be interesting reading. Show me, and us, your readership, that you are a human-fucking-being. I challenge you!

  5. Ok, Spunky, we get your point, move on. Let Slut get back to her normal posting that many of us enjoy. Let her be an exhibitionist like she wants to be in writing her exploits down. Maybe she doesn’t want to ‘reflect’ on her fucking and show that to the world. She wants to fuck and tell us about it. I’m sure you can go to and get what you’re looking for. Thank you Spunky for voicing your opinion and thank you slut for answering him, now back to our regularly scheduled programming: the fucking.

  6. As much as your blog turns me on, it really should be pointed out that people who have as much sex as you claim to with so little care and reflection into the acts overwhelmingly have emotional issues. I knew someone in college who was a lot like you. And she dated guys who were a lot like the guys you dated. And she had a ball and had a lot of sex. Maybe that was good for her at the time, but no one really respected her. She had no real friends. She was the village bike and though she always instigated it and therefore always felt in control, she was always craving someone next to her and couldn’t imagine enjoying time by herself. Often we take bloggers like you and say “man I wish I could throw caution to the wind like that” and that becomes the turn on, like a sexual version of a cliff-diver or something. You have a lot of sex, and I won’t lie and say I wish I couldn’t be just like you in that regard. My numbers are pretty low. But if you got an STD and could never have sex again, how many friends do you have who are there just because they like you and get nothing in return? Who could just bullshit and hang out with you and not have sex come up? The girl I knew had almost none. Only some females to keep in touch with sporadically through email. And you sleep with your female friends too. In the end, she hurt a lot of people (some who kept their ouths shut, some who didn’t), she moved far away from everyone she knew, ruined her marraige, ran off with some guy, ruined that… I don’t know whether she was ever in therapy but some of the people she confided in gossipped to me and, uh, she should have been.
    Oh, I’m not the original anonymous guy. But you seem to be taking the anonymous comment pretty hard. Anyway, this may sound counterintuitive, but keep up the stories since they’re fun to read and the rest of us can all pretend sex is something one can get out of a vending machine.
    WTF are you talking about. If you fucking people would read my comments at all you would know that the occasions that I chose to have unprotected, without rubber, sex it is with a very select group of people. I don’t just go out and fuck some guy letting him cum in me so I can get an STD. Learn to fucking read and comprehend something before you fucking go make a comment on it. You claim I have all this sex with friends that happen to be girls. I mentioned one girl I had sex with and all of a sudden I am fucking all my friends. Where the fuck do you get your comment? The problem with people that want to judge others is they jump to huge conclusions that are not based in fact. As for my copious amounts of sex, since the beginning of May, I have had 4, yes count them, 4 sex posts. Other than that, I have not had sex. I have masturbated a lot but no sex. So before you go on and judge me, why don’t you go collect your facts and get it right. OMG, I had four nights/days of sex in the last 24 days. I must be easy. FUCK YOU!!!!! As far as anonymous, no I am not taking it hard. I am pointing out what a hypocrite he is and I can say the same thing about you. Why don’t you all get off your judgmental asses and leave me alone. If my life bothers you that much forget that my page exists. I hate people that find it easy to judge people that they don’t know. You don’t know me from Eve. You have no clue to who I really am and my interactions with the people of this world. The purpose of this blog is, I am saying this for the last fucking time, is to feed into my exhibitionist side. Read it, learn it, love it or hate it I don’t give a fuck. Now the next person that wants to psychoanalyze my life is going to see me knocking on their door and getting punched the fuck out. Jerk your fucking meat and live your sex life through my life then leave me alone, don’t judge me because you are jealous you want to have sex and can’t.

    You all want a reflection. Here you go, I have sex to have fun. There isn’t much in life that one can take true enjoyment and feel satisfied. I work a job, I go to school, I do homework, I have sex and party to relax and keep myself from going insane. Some people collect stamps, some people sit in front of a tv or computer and play video games. I choose to go out and spend time with other people. You all would rather have me sit on my ass and slowly go crazy because apparently I have to have some deeper meaning in fucking. Yes, I said fucking. There are different forms of sex. There is making love, sex and fucking. While you sit there and judge me, ask yourself how many times you have masturbated or touched yourself in the last month while reading/thinking about/looking at 1. a sex blog 2. internet pornography 3. or some dvd. Make sure you are honest with yourself. Who has the better life? Is it me because I am out living my life doing what i want? Is it you who sits there reads my blog, plays with themself, then tells me I am not deep enough for your likes? I will give you a fucking hint, it isn’t you.

  7. Hello fellow SLUT! Came across your blog and HAD to drop you a line. I also linked you on my blog, check it out. You will see why I had to drop you a line. Us sluts got’s to stick together. ha.

    And honey, I get the same crap about my blogging.

    I mean why do we, who write something for ourselves (slutty showoffs), always have to reflect on things, be a bit more fancy. I don’t know how it is for you, but it is difficult to remember everything that happened when I am fucking a woman, couple, group for a few hours. Plus, most people who read my stuff want to jerk off to my fucking, they don’t care much about my “reflections” or “prose”. 🙂

    And shit…It is all subjective anyways.

    BUT. I wanted to say hello. Check out my blog and let me know.

    Oh. Nice one on the worshipping the cock. Exactly right baby, such a good slut. But I would insist on some 69.

  8. “Is it you who sits there reads my blog, plays with themself, then tells me I am not deep enough for your likes? ”
    Slut, there’s a big glaring problem which I suppose you don’t or can’t recognize. Your treat your readership like shit. You just admitted that you think your readers are somehow below you, and you are an admitted promiscuous slut. I wonder if you can even see the irony in that.


    No what I see is a person that chooses to read and take out what they want in my writing. I am going to make a section of the quoted area bold for you. When I read this, I see that I am pointing out you in particular not all my readers. I never said my readers were below me, I said you were. I again need to point out to you that part of reading is taking in the whole of the sentence. It is comprehension of what is being said. You skipped the last part of the question completely, which was the key part of the question. Now if you need some reading lessons, I am sure there are some people where you live to help you. If you would like some help with your reading skills, I will be more than happy to research it for you.

  9. Geez lady, I found your blog two days ago. Calm down. It’ll be okay, I promise. There there.

    And I never once judged you. To do that I’d have to care.

    Oh and “Read it, learn it, love it or hate it I don’t give a fuck. Now the next person that wants to psychoanalyze my life is going to see me knocking on their door and getting punched the fuck out.” implies that you do indeed give a fuck.

    Just turn the comments section off if you only can take the ones that glorify your choices rather than question them.

  10. Hey guys what’s the big deal?! This is just a weblog of a young girl who like sex in the way she does. You either like it or dislike it. You like it, you read it, you get off! You don’t like it, don’t be rude, leave, find your interests somewhere else. Simple as that.
    And to the X girl: Don’t get mad and don’t waste your time on comments like that. You don’t have to prove to the readers that you’re not just making up stories. You’re writing for yourself. Aren’t you? So just keep goin’ and ignore them. Don’t be fussy.

  11. Woah, hold on there, this is starting to get aggressive. Can I be one of the people who just likes a good read every now and then?!?! 🙂

    I really couldn’t care about reflections or prose to be honest; just do what you want to do, and if you want to share, all the better.

    I don’t like to judge, in fact I’ve been told one of my better qualities is that I don’t judge. There’s me thinking it might be my wit and charm, my cheeky smile, a cute butt even……but I suppose I’ll have to make do with non-judgemental. It’s a start after all. I wonder if Brad Pitt only gets non-judgemental as his better quality?

    Basically the worst that can happen here is that you feel you’ve had enough and decide to stop posting. If that happens, then you will have been censored by insult, which doesn’t seem fair to me. I say do what you’ve got to do, and do it with pride. But then by approving and showing Spunky and JK’s comments you must have done just that.


  12. Let me preface this by saying that I dont agree with either Spunky or JK….

    With that said, if you are going to partially expose yourself through your blog, you’re going to have to develop a thicker skin or quit the blog…..I read your blog for what it is – it is a fun, light, easy read and for someone that is pushing 40 who is married with 2 teenagers, its a nice diversion and looking at your header pic is certainly a site for sore eyes….

    Keep your head up kid! There are idiots everywhere – its how we deal with them that defines us.

  13. eh, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and most of them stink. I wouldn’t even give these people a forum. Let them start their own blog or website, and they can write about whatever the hell they want to.

    I don’t think you need thicker skin or a new writing style. Just be yourself and let those who don’t like it leave.

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