Posted by: bosteen | May 23, 2007


Apparently I am “chunky” according to reader Spunky.  I don’t know about you but I find that a bit mean spirited.  Debating at this point whether or not I should continue the picture header or not.

Slut X


  1. I think you should leave it up because everyone else seems to like it. You’re not really my type, but I’m just one person.

    You don’t like blonde atheletic girls. Granted, I gained about 10 pounds since my more active high school days. However, 120 pounds is far from chucky, most of which is muscle.

  2. All I have to say is YUM! Wee that is NOT all I have to say. If, by chunky, he means not anorexic….. It is beause of comments like that that eating disorders exist. At least you do not have to waist your time trying to figure out if this dude is an insensative twit or not. Ask any of your many lovers what they think.

  3. We already know you’re searching for validation from sex, now you need it from anonymous blog readers too?
    Get some self-confidence.
    I have plenty of confidence. I do not seek validation from sex either. When I have sex, I am seeking fun nothing more, nothing less. Why are reading some sex blog? Why do you post anonymously? What do you have to hide? It is easy to psychoanalyze from a distance. Would you like to hear my thoughts about you?

  4. i think the pictures are great i would leave them on adds to the suspense i think

  5. To be honest, I’d really need to check out your ass to know for sure.

    To be fair, I do like your choice of swimwear.

  6. Uh… Where is the chunky? I see the body of a woman that shames most others. More pictures!

  7. sista, ‘tho i’m very content with my bod,i would kill to have my bod to be as toned as yours. and spunky, encouraging anorexia much? geez if her body is not thin enough for u, find a stick and date it instead. i guess those girls you date would be v. unlucky indeed.

  8. are you crazy??? on the opposite, we want to see more. looks like a model to me …

    and beside what do you care what we think? don’t you have enough assurance for your looks from the guys who you actually have sex with ? surely they see more then we can …

  9. as if it wasn’t enough that you are sharing intimate details of your sex life that turn us on so much..but to be so critical? and to say that the fine body I am seeing in the banner is chunky? no way babe…

  10. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your body as far as I can see. I think your heading picture gives us all a little clue to how you look, like a bit of a tease.

    Keep it please 🙂

  11. Sorry, but I had to laugh when I read the word chunky. I was assuming Spunky was joking; by the way, what sort of name is that? Anyway, I digress….by reading further it seems he (is Spunky a he?) wasn’t.
    My dear Slut (for some reason using the name you’ve chosen seems so rude…..), if you are chunky, then being chunky makes me hard. Sorry to be so crass, but you are simply a babe, whatever Spunky et al. might suggest.

    LOL. I use the word slut because I am not afraid of the word. I have been called it many times and take ownership of the word. I refuse to let it hurt me.

  12. You’re not chunky, I can tell that from the pic. Spunky may just be looking at it a bit odd or have very specific taste for very thin girls. I’m not a BBW fan by any means but I like women with some muscle and definition.

    Oh, and nice picture. 🙂

    As for the whole validation through sex thing … yeah, we know enough from you from this blog to psychoanalyze you. *rollseyes* Maybe people should ask what validation they’re looking for trolling comments. Personally, I’m an exhibitionist and often go to swing clubs with my wife for that purpose so I can see the potential fun of doing a blog like this. Of course, I’m making an assumption myself when I say that.

  13. I don’t know what Spunky is looking at but all I see is one hot Teen Slut. Plus that body with that sexy swimwuit, very very tasty. I don’t know how any guy could resist you.

    Oh Spunky, here’s a non chuky gal you might like:

  14. There are idiots everywhere so your blog idiot is Spunky…….The pic is sexy as hell……..

  15. Do you feel Chunky? Why let the comments of one person get so much attention? You look great in the picture of the header. Let Spunky think what he wants to. You look fine and the most important thing is if you are okay with yourself. Then life is good. We love the blog

  16. A lot of words come to mind when I see your pictures and chunky is not one of them. Take what Spunky says with a grain of salt. So you are not his type. My bet is he is not yours either. Keep on having fun in your personal life and then posting it here on this blog for us to read. Many of us enjoy reading it.

  17. “Chunky”?!? Are you fucking kidding me?

    Although, I must confess, I do judge you just a wee-bit for taking criticism from someone named ‘Spunky’. You’re better than that.

    Please, feel free to send directly to me any and all pictures of yourself in the entire spectrum of nudity to non-nudity. I think you are quite beautiful and sexy.

  18. I am older (40’s) and have a completely different perspective on life and looks. That being said, if you like the way you look, that is all that is important. Some people just need to grow up to realize that. Personally, I think you look terrific. I am a Bostonian and happy to know you add to the fun of the city.

  19. There’s an old forum saying “Don’t feed the trolls” which means if you reply to those anonymous asshole that post mean comments, you’re just feeding their need to be asshole.

    Fuck em. You’re hot. We love you.


  20. I agree. Muy caliente….

    and fyi:
    being a fat-american isnt all that bad. take it from me.

  21. You’re hot. End of story.

  22. You have a fabulous body.

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