Posted by: bosteen | May 22, 2007

A Different Kind of Worship

I was on my knees Sunday morning but I wasn’t in church and I wasn’t praying at home. Sunday, I woke up next to Shop guy. I really have no idea how he got there or how I ended up in bed with him. From the used condoms on the floor and the nakedness of the two of us, I am guessing we had fun.

I wanted to give him a special wake up. My hand found itself stroking his cock while I licked his balls. He woke up with a smile very quickly.  He reached down and grabbed onto my shoulders to pull me up.  I went up and started to kiss him.  His hands found their way to my ass as I kissed him.  Somehow, I ended up straddling him on the bed, grinding up against his cock.  We dry humped for a bit then I felt him slip inside my now dripping pussy.  He pumped his cock a couple of times.  It felt so good but I couldn’t let him keep going without some protection.

I quickly put a rubber on him and assumed the position I was in before.  I rode him slow at first so I could enjoy the sensation of his dick in me.  I would alternate going slow and fast on him.  I leaned over with my hands on either side of his head.  My tits hung directly in his face and he took every advantage of it.  He would suck and nibble on my nipples and massage my tits.  I could feel my orgasm cumming so I rode him faster.  My pussy tightened around his cock and his load blew.  I rode him until his cock went soft.  I was close but didn’t reach orgasm.  I needed and orgasm.

I got up off of him and went into my bathroom.  I turned on the shower and stepped inside.  The warm water hitting my felt so good, my hands went down between my legs so I could finish and feel the pleasure of an orgasm.  I was fingering my hole when he stepped inside the shower.  He was behind me and pulled my close to him.  I could feel his dick pressed between my ass cheeks.  He began to kiss my neck.  One of his hands replaced mine at my pussy and the other pinched my nipple.  The angle his hand was at made it so as he fingered my pussy, he would rub my clit at the same time.  He wasn’t at it long before my pussy tightened with pleasure again.  This time the orgasm came.  I  let out a loud moan and bit down hard on my lower lip.

I wanted to thank him for this glorious orgasm.  I turned around and got on my knees before him.  I looked up and there was his rock hard dick before me.  It was at this point I thought about the people in church praying to God and here I was in the same position only worshiping a hard cock.  I quickly wrapped my lips around his cock and began to bob up and down on it.  I played with his balls in one hand.  I began to take him deeper and deeper.  Before he knew it, I had his whole cock in my mouth.  I was fucking him with my mouth.  I keep bobbing up and down his shaft when he pulled his cock out.  A moment after his head passed my lips, one of the biggest loads I have ever seen shot out of his cock.  It got on my face next and chest.  Spurt after spurt of his cum came out of him.  After he finished we rinsed off and got out of the shower.  Happy Humping.

Slut X


  1. Sounds like you had some fun…and some fun you don’t remember. Very hot as usual. The banners keep getting hotter.


  2. Holy Christ! Is that you girl? You are … Wow! And the story is as interesting as always.

    Yes, it is me in the picture.

  3. Now I am seriously liking that picture! In fact the post was pretty damn good too.

    I know it definately had the ‘effect’ on me…

  4. Meh. She’s chunky.


    I’m what. I don’t see any roll of fat there.

  5. The pictures keep on getting better and better. You’ve got a great tan.

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