Posted by: bosteen | May 17, 2007

Not over yet

The fates conspired against me another time.  I had every intention of going to my prof’s office looking all sexy but I got called into work early so there would be no time to change between work and the time I needed to go to school.  I went into school with my work clothes.  My thinking was that I may not hook up but I can set something up for later.

I go to school, approach is office door and its closed.  What the fuck!  There was an envelope on the door though with my name.  I open the envelope and there is my test and a little message for me.  This guy is being sneaky and it makes me want him more.  He is either an evil genius or avoiding me completely.  However, I will give you a word for word copy of the letter with the exceptions of names and privacy information.

Slut X,   I can’t be sure for your real reason for coming here but I have an idea why.  I noticed your flirtations and shows for my benefit during the semester.  I cannot act on these flirtations until you are no long my student.  Calc prof

The way I read this is that he wants to but can’t until final grades are out and mailed.  I will keep the pressure on him.  However, I need to find someone tonight to release some pent up energy.  Happy Humping!

Slut X 


  1. Letter sounds like good news, you just have to wait a bit more. Good luck.

  2. That sucks; but the semester is almost over. When are grades final?

  3. Just seems like he wants you, but also wants to keep his job…..seems fair enough to me.

  4. Out of interest, are you in to black guys?

    I am into guys in general. I do not limit who could be an available love interest. I think that people need to get over themself that say they can’t be interested in someone of a different race, religion, etc… . I wonder how many people lose their possible soul mate because they can’t drop their pre-conceived notions about a group of people.

  5. Well, since I was pretty good in Calculus back in the day, I’d like to volunteer my services as a stunt-Calc. teacher in the absence of the real thing.


    Your blog is always a pleasure to read, please keep up the great work.

    Jon Galt

  6. Interesting story. Wonder how it will play out?

  7. He definately wants you, but he wants his job, too. Are you graduating or just finishing his class? If you are graduating, I expect something will happen soon after…

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