Posted by: bosteen | May 16, 2007

I’ve got mail.

This morning I got a mail from my favorite math prof.  He told me that the final was graded and I did well.  Whatever that means.  He did say I could go into his office tomorrow to look over the test and that he would be there in the morning until 11.  Now the ball is in my court.  I am not sure what I should wear or how far I should go.  If I go all out, I might scare him.  Any thoughts.  Happy Humping.

Slut X


  1. Do it! Do it!

  2. GO all the Way!!! (as long as you post here about it.) You’ve had the hots for him all semester. It’s time to act.

  3. wear something familiar, human beings are such programmable creatures. maybe wear the same outfit that gave him the hard-on even if his mind fights it his body will remember. then talk to him, smile, flirt, but most of all never break your gaze don’t take your eyes of his unless you check him out and let him know your doing it. after 20 minutes or so that light brush up the arm along with devilish grin and gaze will send him over the edge. he probably won’t do it in the office, too dangerous but if think he wants to play ask him could you call him sometime and see what he says.


  4. Nah, I think subtlety is the key. You’d be crazy to think he doesnt already know your his for the taking. Make him want it bad, and he’ll break.

  5. Wear something you know he noticed while you were in his class. There has to be some outfit that really caught his eye.

    Because he’s been thinking about what he wanted to do to you in that outfit ever since.

  6. Victory favors the bold. Just make sure you have an exit plan.

  7. rob and LT are right.

  8. Wear something that’s easy to slip out of.

  9. I say go for it; you know you’ll regret it if you don’t. I agree with wearing something familiar. I would also make sure he catches you checking him out.

    Go for it, but make sure you keep us all informed!

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