Posted by: bosteen | May 13, 2007

A slutty weekend thus far

I have so much to write about but unsure what to write.  Friday night, I had my date with Teacher X.  We did the dinner and movie thing.  In the end, I didn’t feel like fucking him but I did give him a handjob in the movie theater and some road head on the way home.  Ultimately, I wanted something more kinky than he was willing to do.

I got home around midnight, it was early yet so I made some calls.  I was wanting a threesome but I didn’t think I could get the one I wanted going.  I did think of another situation though, I have a girl that is a friend that is into group sex stuff.  I met her on through myspace, after all it is a place for friends, lol.  We hooked up in the past so I knew she wasn’t a fake.  Let’s call her Amy.  I invited Amy, Tom and Dan over for some fun and all accepted.  

After my calls, I had to find an appropriately slutty thing to wear for my guests.  I decided on boyshorts and a tank top (no bra).  Amy was the first to come to my door.  It had been a month or so since we had been together and she was looking great.  She had on this short, short skirt and tight top.  She walked in the door and I had to kiss her.  Her hands went down to grab on to my ass, then one slide between my legs and started to rub my lips.  God, I wanted her pussy so bad.  We pulled away from each other and went to my couch.  We again kissed our hands all over each other.  Our hands migrating to each others pussies.  We were kissing and fingering each other when the next person knocked at the door.  I didn’t want to pull myself away from her so I yelled “come in.”  It was Dan, he walked in to see me and Amy making out.  He walked around to the front of the couch.  He pulled off my boyshorts.  He then kissed both of us girls.

Tom came in about ten minutes later to see the three of us playing with each other.  There was no dick penetration as off yet.  I was eating Amy while Dan fingered my pussy and had his mouth on Amy’s tits.  Tom quickly stripped off his clothes and joined us.  He started by fingering my ass and paying attention to Amy’s other tit.  I quickly cummed, not orgasmed cummed, after Tom started to finger my ass.  The boys rock hard cocks needed taken care of now. Amy and I took turns sucking and fucking each guy (i am cutting through some details guys or this will be super long).  It was a little after 2 in the morning when Dan left.  This meant it was Tom, Amy and I.  We were all pretty spent so we collapsed in a naked pile in my bed for some sleep.

It was the next morning when Amy woke me up.  She wanted to wake up Tom and do it in a fun way.  She began to suck on Tom’s morning wood, while I used my mouth on his balls.  With a groan and a big smile, Tom woke up.  She had to leave soon because she worked and she wanted fucked one more time.  She got in a doggy position with me underneath her to play with her tits.  Tom got behind her and fucked her pussy.  He fucked her for about five minutes before he cummed in her.  She didn’t orgasm and I thought she needed one so I told her to lay down.  I went down on her.  His cum was in her, running out of her hole a little but I didn’t care.  I ate her until she cummed.  I loved tasting both of them in my mouth.  Tom watched the whole thing and when she got and left he was rock hard again.  I was envious that she got cum and I didn’t.  I straddled Tom and fucked him until he cummed in me. Tom decided he needed to be going so I was left laying there with his cum in my mouth and pussy.

I remained in bed watching cartoons, how kiddie like, when Teacher X called me.  He thanked me for the date and said he had a good time.  He should of after he cummed in his car and in the theater from me.  He asked if he could come over.  I knew what he was after and I didn’t care so I said yes.  He got there a half hour later.  I didn’t tell him about Tom’s load in me.  He asked if he could go with out a condom, I said sure.  We fucked, Tom’s cum as a lubricant, and it felt fucking great.  He cummed in me, I loved it.  I lied and told him I had things to do so he would leave.  I got a shower and went about my Saturday off.

More happened on Saturday but I am wanting to go out for some shopping at the moment.  I need some appropriate summer clothes and a new bikini.  Happy Humping!

Slut X 


  1. I’ve got to admit that I’m hugely envious of your sex life, but aren’t you worried about Pregnany / STIs and AIDS?

    i am on birth control and i know the two and trust them. I don’t let just anyone do it. It is only people I trust.

  2. Do you do the group sex thing for a change of pace or would it be an all of the time thing if you could set it up? And is ideal you and two guys or you and a guy and a girl?

  3. I found your blog by chance a few days ago and I should say it’s very interesting. Honestly I got hard when I read this post and have to sit back and concentrate on something different at the moment!
    Keep goin’.

  4. mr Gently,

    she doesn’t have to worry about sdts or aids because most all of this is either bullsh* or very greatly embellished.


    My first negative comment. I have been waiting for you.

  5. Hot! Glad you had some fun. Anything exciting lined up for this summer?

  6. Sounds like a great time; I’m right up there with ‘The Tough Guy’! 🙂

  7. This was awesomely hot. Can’t wait to read more.

  8. that was hot… you’re exactly my kind of girl – i want to devour you…

  9. They should make online communities for folks like yourselves.
    I mean aside from MySpace…

    What do you mean? I think you need to explain your statement.

  10. Ummm lovely story, got me wet .. ooh and I thought I was daring?!

  11. Yum…

    (As for online communities- think that you are looking for )

  12. I went celibate for a year. My vow is up in October… I’ll be having my own fun soon enough 🙂

  13. your stories are so sexy that i pulled my cock out and rubbed it when you started talking about eating pussy and having sex with your friends. i just licked my wifes pussy while i had her read about your sexy stuff.. she came in my my like a gusher… i caught her with her girlfriend naked and all juicy two times..i stuck my cock in her ladies pussy fucked and shot hard, then made her suck the come out thedrippy cunt..she loved it…i’m coming, oh fuck!!!! keep up your nasty hairy pussy….in our fantasy we both want to take off your clothes and lick you all over..ruth wants me to watch, and she wants me to suck off your boyfriends big cock… i’m a virgin at that, always thought about doing it in front of two women that had their fingers and tongues in each other holes! thanks for getting us off, maybe you can make someone sexually oozing by telling them our little tale… cock is almost 9 inches long when i’m fully aroused, i shave all my red pubic hair around my dick, allthe way off my balls, but leave a nice patch above…… i like hairy sllits on women, so my little lady grows it just for me..i love to watch my smooth clean cock going in and out of her flufy and pussy juice soaked muff…i gotta go… we’re gonna talk dirty about your sexual craziness and play with each other for a while..Do you think we can make each other come while we talk about your sexy pussy and tities? email us and you’ll find out

  14. Hey Slut,

    I like reading your adventures and sometimes creating mental pictures with them. I am hoping the masthead pic is you–great legs and nice outfit:)

    I have been in the lifestyle almost 20 years so your stories are fun to read and see similar things I have done.

    Keep having fun,


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