Posted by: bosteen | May 10, 2007

Places for Public Sex

On the suggestion from a comment, I thought I would start to list some of the places and situation of my public sex events. These are in no particular order, they are listed as I think of them.  This will be a couple posts and will not be in a day after day series, they will just pop up in random spots.

Movie Theater I have lost count to how many times I fooled around in a movie theater. When I say fooling around, I mean hand jobs, blow jobs, sex, and making out. The first time I had sex in a movie theater I was 15. The secret to good theater sex is a short skirt, no panties and a movie that has been out for a couple weeks. Sometimes panties are worn, but they are just moved off to the side. When I think movie sex might happen, I will always sit in the back row. I can remember one time, this guy and I were going at it. We were close to finishing and i let a little moan out. The funny thing is that 2 people heard it and turned to see me sitting on this guys lap. They were younger like 16 and I’m guessing friends at a movie. They continued to watch me fuck this guy. The guy didn’t know and I didn’t mind. I didn’t think they would say anything and I like to be watched.

Changing Rooms  Changing rooms are always fun to me.  The risk for getting caught is so high between customers or employees hearing.  Not to mention, the store security cameras.  I can remember my first time in a store.  It was in a Walmart changing room.  It wasn’t sex, I gave a guy a blow job.  He was an older gentleman, old enough to be my dad.  I had been fooling around with him for a couple weeks.  He needed something so I tagged along with him.  I remembered reading things about people having sex in the changing rooms and it inspired me this day.  We were walking by the guys area, so I pulled him into the room.  I instantly got down to my knees, pulled out his cock and sucked him off.  I have never been caught or at least they never intervened by store security.  I hope they were watching.  The last time had sex in a place like this was about a month ago.

Someone’s Pool   I am notorious for going skinny dipping in other peoples pool in the middle of the night.  Its best when you have someone along with you to play with.  The first time I did this (sex included) I was 15.  I was dating the guy at the time and talked him into it.  He was boring and didn’t last long because he didn’t like to take chances.  My first time having sex in someone’s pool is also the first time I got caught.  The person never came out and interrupted but he did approach a couple days later.  He told me he watched the whole thing and played with himself.  HOT!  I visited his pool a lot.

School  This is the last place for this entry.  School is one of the best places ever.  There is so much danger involved in this particular act, especially in High School.  I had sex in the locker room, bathrooms, empty classes, library, under the stairs, teachers office, I think thats all.  The best out of those is the locker room.  I think its the idea of all the guys that could be in there naked.  There is also the showers close by to jump into for some fun.  The first time I did this I was 16.  He was a senior and it was after a track practice.  We arranged it that way.  He and I were flirting and playing around for a while, nothing serious though.  He suggested it, he knew the way I was and knew I would go for it.  We fucked in the shower of the locker room.  To this day, one of the best fucks I can remember.

If you have any fun public places to have sex or fool around, please submit them.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Shame I went to an all boys school….maybe I should have grown up in the US!

    Thanks though, great read….

  2. how about at the race track (horse) in an empty stall with fresh clean straw in it !!! oh yeah lol

  3. I had a blast in High School too. I had a boyfriend who was in Drama, and we fucked several times on the set of Oklahoma. To this day, my HS friends and I still refer to fucking as going to “Oklahoma”. SO FUN!!

  4. Love the new banner photo!

  5. We’ve got our own pool and, to our knowledge, the only people that have had sex in it are us. I’m actually surprised because someone was caught in the pool at every other place (apartment complexes) that we lived. And sever people I know with pools had stories about skinning dipping kids. Especially in the spring around graduation. You are welcome to come use our pool any time. 😉

    BTW: They are not as popular these days but jumpers, rompers or whatever they are called are good for sex movie theaters if the bottoms are short enough. Tennis dresses are also good. Matinees at smaller theaters are better because the staff is bust selling tickets, popcorn, etc. and they don’t have as many people working as in the evening or on weekends. So you have as a lot more freedom. It helps too if the move is rated R which also helps thin out the crowd.

    Good places for public sex:
    Parties if the crowd is hip enough.
    Almost anyplace on a college campus.
    Outside in the front yard if you live in a place without any street lights.
    Elevators if they have a stop button that doesn’t ring a bell or call security.
    Public restroom is they are not too grody.
    On the roof.
    In the stands at the football field when there aren’t games or practice going on.
    On a trampoline.

  6. In a cemetery at night, lol. It was a hot summer, and the stone was so cool against the skin.

  7. On the floor in the bedroom and in the office on the boss’ desk. Also try getting a smirnoff while fucking and throwing the vodka on your partner and licking it. I also did it on some stairs at the 4th floor of a building. The girl was holding me tight because she didn’t want to fall … that was a rush 🙂

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