Posted by: bosteen | May 8, 2007

TMI 82

1. What sight, sound, smell, object or whatever most remind you of a special someone?  The first girl I was with would wear this vanilla smelling spray.  Every time I smell vanilla thoughts of her pop into my mind.  For a sound, hmm … one of the top five fucks in my life played guitar.   So when I hear people like Jack Johnson, I think of him.  Sight, another good fuck in my life played baseball.  When I go to a baseball game and see those uniforms, I think of him.  I don’t have one for an object.

2. Favourite body part/parts of the opposite (or same) sex?  It is basically the same for both sexes.  It is the v in the abs or really great abs.  Eyes are a good second.  But there is something to be said about nice arms and chest on a guy or a nice curved ass on a girl.  Hell, I like it all.

3. Do you prefer to give or receive?  Depends on the situation.  If I feel the guy is deserving and I don’t want to fuck them, I will give the blow job.  Some guys I don’t want down there trying to satisfy me.  It isn’t worth the effort to teach them how.  I don’t mind giving head or eating.  I guess it comes down to my mood at the time.

4. One night stands- What’s the protocol? Stay the night or get the hell outta there? GET THE HELL OUT!  A one night stand is supposed to be an in and out operation.  If you stay the night, then the other party expects or thinks there is more to the situation.  Don’t let them think different or lead them on.  Do what you need to do and get out.

5. What is the strangest place you’ve had sex?  Strange to me is more of an unsettling place.  I don’t know of any place that was unsettling while I was having sex.  If I was having sex, I was comfortable with the place I was at.  However, I have to come up with an answer.  I would say in the locker room at school.

Bonus (as in optional): How old were you when you lost your virginity? Who was it to? Describe the event.  I was 13 and the guy was an older neighbor boy.  As for the description, maybe another time.


  1. I’m with you on 3. I liked the answer to 5 too. They were all interesting anyway. Happy TMI. 🙂

  2. I wish I’d have read #3 before I tried to teach the 2 inch penis guy, LOL.
    You are braver than me. I would of got up and left after I saw 2 inches. Call me a size queen but I need more than that there. I need to feel the dick. This may make me a bad person but it is honest.

  3. 4 was dead on lass!! Happy TMI!! 🙂

  4. I agree fully on 4… and feel very impressed by 5… It is great to feel comfortable anywhere at any time… ;-))
    Happy TMI!

  5. The comments on #3 started me thinking. I’ve never been that way personally but, sometimes, you women makes us afraid to take it out. Guys are WAY more self conscious about the size of their dicks than women are about anything.

    Regarding #5 maybe you should do a post about the non-bedroom type places that you’ve been.

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