Posted by: bosteen | May 3, 2007

Study and Work

Hello all. I am sorry that I haven’t been writing lately. I have been studying for finals, they are next week. With studying and work, I haven’t been feeling like a sexual person. Stress and sex don’t mix well with me. I haven’t figured out yet why I get like it. I promise I will have something soon for you to read.

Slut X


  1. don’t rush it….it will only spoil the mood (smile)


  2. hey.actually, it’s refreshing to see that you are just like the average teen gals, in a way. =). good luck with the finals. i’m quite glad that you won’t be able to post as much coz am having finals soon too and won’t be able to go online for sometime. so i won’t miss out much. i hope. hehe

  3. Can’t believe you would let something as silly as finals and real life get in the way of you most important blogging.

  4. i heard a lot of people say that about stress and sex but when i’m stress out i fuck more….like a man whore

    go figure


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