Posted by: bosteen | May 1, 2007

TMI 81

1. Ideal amount of sex per week?  This is a hard question.  Some weeks every day would be great.  Some weeks I want it more than once a day.  Some weeks I could go without sex.  The honest answer is I don’t know.

2. Ever had an online affair?  No, I don’t know how someone could fall in love or have an affair online.  Maybe I am untrusting but I don’t believe the person is real until I see them in real life.  I take that approach with everyone I talk to online.

3. Are you a member of the mile high club?  I haven’t had sex in an airplane.  The real question is:  if you have sex in Denver or a city with similar level above sea, are you in the mile high club?  Technically, you are a mile above sea level.

4. Are you predjudice against any particular group of people?  I’m predjudiced againt blonde people.  Dumb fair haired people … oh wait, I’m a natural blonde.  Hmmm.  I guess not.

5. What constitutes bad sex?  Some one lacking confidence.  Lack of confidence is always asking if everything is ok, are they doing something right, etc… . They are so concerned about keeping the other person happy, they usually just screw the whole thing up.

Bonus (as in optional): Can females ejaculate?  I have seen squirting before by a woman so I would say yes.  I don’t know how it happens but it does.


  1. Great answers….I was wondering how you would answer #1 with as much sex as you get on occasion.

  2. Gr8 answers!!! Nice blog btw…

  3. loved the answere’s –my answere to the denver deal–yes you are a member if (done) in denver –the mile high city lmao–d.

  4. Female ejaculation? I’ve haqd two lovers do this – I LUV IT!

    All I can say is that doing your Kegal excercises hundreds of times a day, and having a man who really knows his way in and around a hot cunt increases your chances of experiencing this a lot.

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