Posted by: bosteen | April 26, 2007

My Calculus Teacher

To begin this entry, last night and the whole Dan thing was a bust.  There wasn’t much to talk about.

Today, I was feeling particularly playful.  I went back to teasing mode with my calculus prof.  I wore a short skirt (the usual take panties off before class), heels and this low cut top.  I flashed him my pussy throughout class as usual.  I would raise my hand and ask questions just so he had to look my way when I wanted to flash him.  He has office hours after class, so I went to his office after class to prolong my flirting.  He turned the corner and saw me and only me standing outside his door.  We went in the office, I sat next to him.  I got my notebook out to ask my questions.  I bent over in front of him.  I could feel him looking down my shirt.  I leaned in when I asked my questions to give him more opportunities to look down my shirt.  I finished my questions and left.

I am so going to fuck the hell out of him.  If I have to wait until the end of the final to do it.  I will do it.  I will follow him to his office.  I want to be bent over his desk with his hands grabbing my tits as he fucks my pussy.  I want to straddle him in his office chair with my tits in his face and ride him.  I want to be laid out on his desk with my legs spread eagle with him fucking me.  He will be mine.   Happy Humping.

Slut X


  1. hot

  2. Sorry about it not working out with Dan. Only 5 orgasms and 3 loads of cum 😦 Hell that’s a good month for me. Well, unfortunately I don’t get any loads of cum in me, but you know what I mean. I can’t wait until you fuck your prof and we get to hear about it.

  3. sucks about dan, but your plan could make for some good times. good luck with it!

  4. Damn … and I became a lawyer and not a math teacher. Who knew ….

    I can’t wait to find out what happens next!!!

  5. hot???…more like naughty!



  6. I volunteer to be your tutor if you ever need help in math (or any other subject). 😉

    When I was freshman in college, my English teacher threw a party for the entire class at the end of the term. She held it at her house and even provided the beer. Maybe your math professor will do the same; but we probably life in too PC times these days.

    BTW: I may be showing my age; but I entered the college the last year 18 year olds were able to drink (watered down 3.2) beer legally in Ohio so it was available at almost every party and no one got in trouble if an administrator came by.

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