Posted by: bosteen | April 24, 2007

A day off.

I am starting to write this Tuesday morning. There is absolutely nothing I have to do today, no classes or work. It is me up to my wants and desires. I had every intention of sleeping in but seeing that its 8 in the morning, it didn’t happen. I did get some really good masturbation time. The count is 2 orgasms so far today.

Its now lunch time.  Thus far, I have worked on a paper, caught up with some blog fans, and made lunch.  An old friend called me today to see if he could stop.  I told him sure.  He is a former teacher I had in high school.  I never did anything with him while in high school but once I graduated the game was afoot.  He is in his late 20’s, in good shape, gorgeous smile.  I am really looking forward to him stopping by my place.

Okay, it’s now the mid-afternoon.  I finished lunch and my friend stopped.  It was a great visit.   We initially sat down to catch up. While talking, it was so hard to resist that smile.  All the good times came into my mind and I knew what I had to do.  I leaned in to him and gave a deep passionate kiss.  Instantly, our hands were all over each other.  My hands managed to work their way down his pants and stroke his cock.

It wasn’t long until I was naked straddling him on the couch.  When he first entered me, it felt like no time passed since we last fucked.  It felt so good.  I rode his dick the whole time.  My tits hung in his face.  He played with my breasts while my nipples were kissed, sucked and nibbled.  I couldn’t take it much longer and then I cummed.  I cummed not orgasmed.  My juices ran down his cock and over his balls but I continued to ride him.  I wanted him in me.  I wanted to make him cum.  He grabbed on to my hips and helped my ride him faster.  I knew it was coming.  He blew his load in me.  I threw my head back with the ecstasy of him filling me.  It felt so damn good.  Someone at the door finish this later.  When he finished, I dismounted him.  I got down and cleaned his cock and balls with my tongue.  I enjoyed every moment of it.

I just finished dinner.  I had to abruptly stop the post last time because there was someone at the door.  Teacher X left because of an appointment and it was all good with me.  He told me he would give me a call later this week.  I am all for it.

The guy that interrupted earlier was the shop guy.  I completely forgot about him coming over.  We sat down at the table this time, there was still a wet spot on the couch.  The conversation was good, I was laughing and having a good time.  He leaned in and kissed me.  His lips were soft and it was just the right amount of pressure and tongue.  His hand went up my skirt and found my bare pussy.  He began to finger me.  I moved my hips to his fingering.  It felt so fucking  good.  I pulled his hand out of me and stuck his fingers in my mouth.  I could still taste Teacher X on my fingers.  This sent a shiver of pleasure up my spine.

I got up and led him into my room.  I sat on the edge of the bed.  He stood before me while I stripped his pants and boxers.  His rather sizable cock sprang free.  I leaned over and licked the head of his cock while playing with his balls.  He let out an audible groan.  I then took the head of his cock in my mouth and began to mouth fuck it.  After a minute, I couldn’t take it anymore, my pussy was wet and I needed him in me.  I put a condom on him and leaned back.  He leaned into me and slide his cock into me.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and grabbed onto his shoulders.  He fucked my pussy hard.  My finger nails dug into him and my moans rose.  We both orgasmed very quickly.  We laid there a sweaty mass of people for about ten minutes before fucking again.  This time he finished in my mouth.  I swallowed every bit of man juice he could get in my mouth.  I was so satisfied when he left my place.

There’s everything that happened thus far today.  Five orgasms, three loads of cum, and a lot of fun.  The exciting part is that Dan is coming over soon and that means more fucking.  God, what a great fucking day!!!!  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Almost makes me wish I was a teacher. I wish I had off days like yours! Are you always off all day on Tuesday?

    P.S. I like the way that you change your banner picture from time to time. Is the photograph of you?

    They are all of me.

  2. Sonds like an amazing day. Can’t wait to hear the details with Dan….Happy Humping is right!

  3. fucking bliss…FUCKING BLISS!!! makes me want to cry…lol

    be safe…and enjoy


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